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No it does not mean that you are pregnant. sometimes your periods are just shorter.

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Q: When your menstruation doesnt come the normal days and its come 3 days instead of 5 days does it mean that you are pregnant?
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Is light spotting normal if your not pregnant?

Spotting is not normal, but very common that some consider it a normal variation of menstruation.

Can you always get a women pregnant?

Getting pregnant depends on several criteria : woman's age ovulation normal womb menstruation cycle enough and normal sperms

How about 3 days after menstruation can i get pregnant if i have unprotected sex?

if you are a female with normal reproductive function - yes

Is no menstruation at eighteen normal?

It would be unusual for a girl who was not pregnant, and is certainly something to discuss with your doctor.

Could you be pregnant This is exactly 4 weeks after your last menstruation and you are bleeding it's lighter and it's little but it feels like your normal menstruation husband feels it's abnormal.?

If you feel it's normal I think your husband is wishful thinking. I doubt if you are pregnant.

Is 23 cycle of menstruation normal?

Is 24 days interval normal in menstruation cycle

Why do you get menstruation?

It's a normal thing for every female. But some get irregular menstruation which means she might have a problem in her reproductive system which should be checked by a doctor. Why do you get menstruation? It's a sign which means you are ready to be pregnant. And it happens when a girl becomes mature and got through puberty except menstruation.

Can you get pregnant after 3 weeks of your menstruation?

yes. each cycle is different. i had a normal 2 wk-2 wk cycle but when i got pregnant it was with a 3 wk-1 wk

Is it normal to have extremely sore breasts between ovulation and menstruation when you're not pregnant?

Yes, some women do get extremely sore breast premenstrually.

What medicine can you take for a headache during menstruation?

Menstruation does not affect headaches. You can have normal medicine during menstruation also.

Throwing up and having menstruation means what?

Throwing up due to cramps are not unusual when you have your period. It sounds completely normal. If you have your period you are not pregnant if that is what you meant.

When to expect normal menstruation after an ectopic pregnancy?

when can i expect menstruation after my operation of an ectopic pregnancy?

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