When your moshi monster is rubbing its stomach?

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You could try feeding your monster as he/she may be hungry.
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What is Moshi Monsters?

Moshi Monsters in an online virtual game aimed at children. A Moshi Monster is a monster chosen from a range of six monsters which the children can then look after. Moshi Monsters is a gaming site online for people of all ages and all genders, but designed for children. You get to create your ow ( Full Answer )

What is a Moshi Monster?

A Moshi Monster is a monster that you play with, feed, and do many activities with on Moshi Monsters, the online game.

Who has a moshi monster?

Alot of people do they say thousands of kids are already signed up so go join the fun!

How do you get on to Moshi Monsters?

Once you have adopted a monster you will need to check the email address you provided during registration for an email from Moshi Monsters. This message will contain a link to activate your account. Once the account has been activated you can go to the Moshi Monsters website and enter your owner nam ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when a guy rubs your stomach?

It just means that he really likes you and he likes the way it feels. My boyfriend does this to me all the time and whenever he does it, none of us say anything. I think he's trying to stimulate me and just likes how my tummy feels :) Next time he rubs your stomach, why not try making soft, stim ( Full Answer )

Can you be a moshi monster?

yes your monsters can be a member buy it online with a code card 1 month is £5 6 months is £25 and 1 year is £35 hope you become a member

How do you get Moshi Monsters?

Go to moshi monsters.com. Click on the Membership link at the topof the page. If you want a paid membership, click on the "Join Now"link. If you have a Moshi Membership Card, click on the "ActivateMoshi Membership Card" link. If you want a free Basic Membership, scroll down the page to thephrase: " ( Full Answer )

How do you get a moshi monster?

1) Go on the moshi monster site at moshimonsters.com 2) Click on adopt a monster 3) Choose a monster 4) Choose your monster's color 5) Make up your accounts name 6) Make up your accounts password 7) Write your age 8) Write your parents or your e-mail account 9) Check your or your par ( Full Answer )

Can your moshi monster die on Moshi Monsters?

Nope, but a Moshi Monster can run away or become sick or unhappy. You can go to the Gross-ery Store and get your monster some food to let your monster be healthier. Not only that, you can play games to let your monster be happy and let your monster shine like a star.

How do you get on Moshi Monsters?

Go to moshimonsters.com and click on the 'Play Now' button or the'Membership' link at the top of the page. Choose a monster, thenfollow the insturctions to register for either a free BasicMembership or a paid Moshi Membership.

When do you get your moshi monster?

well,click on the monster you want then press the tick box to agree with the rules then type the things about the account and after that it will say chek your e-mail then go to your e-mail and look for their e-mail address then click on the website on the e-mail then you wait then you type your pass ( Full Answer )

How do you look after your monster on Moshi Monsters?

Create an account, check your email, activate your account by clicking on the link, login, earn Rox by playing puzzles and other games, buy food from the Gross-ery store, buy furniture, clothes and other stuff, tickle your monster by clicking on him/her, decorate your room by dragging the items in y ( Full Answer )

How did you do moshi monsters?

After you make your account you name your monster and stuff like that. Then you have many options! You can decorate your house with items you buy with rox at stores such as the Bizarre Bazaar and Yukea. Here is a list of the stores: Bab's Botique (Port/members only) (sells collectibles for monster's ( Full Answer )

How do you get a Moshi Passport on Moshi Monsters?

To receive a Moshi Monster's Passport, you have to activate to become a paid Moshi Monster Member. You can find the 'Members' page when you open the Official Moshi Monsters page. In the top row it will talk about Members!

How can you get a Moshi Monster?

Just pick a monster, name it, make your username, and, you are now signed up! 1) Go to the Moshi Monster site at moshimonsters.com 2) Click on "Play Now!" or "Membership" 3) Choose a monster 4) Color your monster in 5) Make up your member name 6) Make up your account password 7) Write ( Full Answer )

What do you do when your moshi is angry on moshi monsters?

Well to make your monster happy again you go on the puzzles and do the daily challenge or win a two player game and keep doing it or you can get lots of food from the shop and give it to your monster!

How do you get rare moshies on moshi monster?

To attract a Moshling you need to plant three seeds in your garden. You need to work out the correct combination for the Moshling you wish to attract by buying different seeds from the stand on Main Street and planting them in your garden. Rare Moshlings are more difficult to get. .

How can you get into Moshi Monsters?

It is easy actually. All you have to do is Log In (top right cornerof page). However, if you don't have a Moshi Monsters account,click the yellow button that says "PLAY NOW!" Set your age, emailaddress (or your parent's email address if you are under 13),username, password, the country where you liv ( Full Answer )

How do you get out of Moshi Monsters?

in the top right hand corner if you scroll up you should see a box, in that box it should say sign out click on that it will sign you out and you can do something else!:) PLEASE ADD ME AS A FRIEND ON MOSHI MONSTERS MY NAME IS AISLINNAISLINN123

Is mr moshi on Moshi Monsters?

Mr. Moshi (Michael Acton Smith) has a Moshi Monsters account,however, he rarely visits his account.

Are there Moshi Monsters hats in Moshi Monsters?

Yes, there is. On the left side of Sludge Street, there is a Marketplace. Go inside and browse all sorts of clothes in the different stores, Including hats, shirts, pants, masks, and much more!

How do you get the Moshi Monsters Magazine on Moshi Monsters?

Youcan get the Moshi Monsters Magazine (Moshi Mag) at the following: In the UK: Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury's, ASDA, Martin McColl, One-Stop, SPAR, WHSmith, Morrisons, and The Daily Profit. In Ireland: eason and Tesco Ireland Or online at the Moshi Magazine web site

How do you get in Moshi Monsters?

go to adopta moshling get one then click it and write your password and that stuff then clik registar then your perants will clikc it go online click alredy part do your password and email and your in and go to the picnic people and click there basket and play a game that gives you heps of money

Who are the moshi staff on Moshi Monsters?

Creator of Moshi Monsters MrMoshi MOnsters Head Community Monster Miss Dinky Assistant Community Monsters bootsy Spooky girl uni_corn Mags phi1123 Monster Moderation Team glitteringprize Zip2diskUK indigo devil frazzled Lynnipoo tedders zubergoober logical jem ( Full Answer )

What is a super moshi on moshi monsters?

You become a Super Moshi when you do the different Super Moshi Missions to save Monstro city and the Moshi Island from Doctor Stranglove, an evil side kick that wants to ruin Monstro City!

How to get to Moshi Monsters?

You can get to Moshi Monsters, by going to moshimonsters.com on Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

How do you get rid of a moshi monster on moshi monsters?

Go to help, and look up I don't want my monster, click the link and it will cancel the monster for you. In addition: You may not be able to just get rid of a Moshi Monster. You may have to delete your account and start a new one in order to get a different Moshi Monster.

What can you get on Moshi Monsters if you are not a Moshi Member?

As a free Basic Member on Moshi Monsters, you can get all the moshlings that are attracted by the Hot Silly Peppers, Dragon Fruit, Star Blossom, Moon Orchid, Magic Beans, and Love Berry seeds. You can also get the moshlings that are attracted by the seeds you get with special codes. You can only ( Full Answer )

How do you have Moshi Monsters?

To get a Moshi Monster, you have to sign up for membership at MoshiMonsters.com. You can get a free Basic Membership or a paid Moshi Membership.

How can you be in Moshi Monsters?

There is a Basic Membership for Moshi Monsters which is free, but you will not be able to do all the activities or catch all the Moshlings. With a Basic Membership, you can get all of the moshlings except the ones that need a Snap Apple, a Crazy Daisy, or that are part of a Super Moshi Mission. You ( Full Answer )

What do you get in moshi monsters?

When you sign up you get free rox and cake for your monsters You get currency called rox and when you use rox you are buying things If with real money you get membership you get lots more options of things to do.

How can you catch a Moshi on Moshi Monsters?

A Moshi is what the monsters are called: "Moshi Monsters". You can not catch a Moshi Monster, you adopt a Moshi Monster when you start your Moshi Monsters account. Choose carefully as you can not change your Moshi Monster once you have verified the account.

What are the Moshi Monsters on moshi cupcakes?

i think you mean what are the moshlings on moshi cupcakes. well you make a cupcake at the cupcake cavern and after your done, a moshling comes and likes your cupcake. this doesnt mean you've earned a moshling. this is just a minigame! HAPPY MONSTERING!

How do you get the Moshi Medals on Moshi Monsters?

Each Moshi Medal has different requirements. Go to your room and find the 'Medals button' on the left side just above the mood indicator. To collect all of the Moshi Medals, point your mouse into a medal box and follow the instructions. If you complete the mission you automatically get the new medal ( Full Answer )

What does Moshi Monsters do?

Moshi Monsters is an online game where kids can have their ownmonster, play games and missions, feed and dress up their monster,atract pets called moshlings, complete misions and adventures, andhave fun...

Where is The Moshi Forum in Moshi Monsters?

There is a link to the Forum at the top of every web page on Moshi Monsters. Click on the smiley face or the words 'Forum!' next to the smiley face and you will be taken to the Moshi Monsters forums. You will need to be signed in to Moshi Monsters before you can access the forums.

Why are they MOSHI monsters?

Moshi is another name for happy in another language so ittechnically means happy monsters which means monsters that isfeeling happy.