When your pregnant when do yu start to vomit?


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You can start having morning sickness the day after you are pregnant.

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Yes; if you are pregnant, should start to begin feeling symptoms.

Vomit can come in an array of colors whether you are pregnant or not. It depends on what you are vomiting exactly.

The color of your vomit will be determined by what you eat, and isn't influenced by pregnancy.

your sim, after tring for a baby, after about half a day, she will get the nauncious moodlet and will vomit. She will then vomit a few times fater that, and will start to have whishes to eat stuff. Then after about a day, she will fall pregnant and will have maternity leave. Hope this helped :)

When yu go for scans they should tell yu roughly how many weeks pregnant yu are. So then yu can work it out. So for example she sed yu was 2 weeks pregnant count 14 days back and that's the day yu got pregnant =]Xo Kat

the reason you start to vomit is because your food gets stuck and pushes back out

yes you can get pregnant , on your period

everyone is different when they get pregnant I have the nauseated feeling for the first 3 months of my pregnancy and never vomit once

I am pregnant with my 5th, and any time I vomit when pregnant the consistency is different. It is thicker and harder to get up and out. I think your digestion is slower when you are pregnant, and this accounts for part of the problem. Definitely normal!

Sometimes, Mostly its called Morning Sickness.

No this differs between women but most do.

Some women vomit when they are pregnant and some do not. It just depends on how your body reacts to pregnancy.

Pregnancy can make you more prone to vomit but most people who vomit are not pregnant. If you have any doubt then you should just take a pregnancy test.

you vomit and get tired and the best is to take a test. use a condom if you dont want to get pregnant.

no yu can NT gt pregnant uless he pt it in yu -- Or unless it otherwise enters your vagina (ie; via fingers or dripping).

If you are bleeding while you are pregnant you may vomit. Also it may be a light pink color or spotty if pregnant.

yup!its an awesome advantage...no vomiting but i had terrible nausea Yes.

same as normal. It depends what you've eaten

Morning sickness is very common, but not universal.

Yes, but most likely pregnancy is not the reason.

You can't vomit up your lung to start with, so you can't die from it.

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