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Tires need balancing.

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Q: When your rear wheel drive car is in the air why do the wheels shake at 30 Mph?
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What is the difference between front and rear wheel drive?

In front wheel drive the traction comes from the front wheels while in rear wheel drive traction power comes from the rear wheels.

What makes a custom rim rear wheel or front wheel drive.?

Rear or front wheel drive id not determined by the wheels themselves. It depends on which wheels are connected to the driveshaft. If the driveshaft, from the engine, transfers power to the rear wheels to accelerate the car then it is rear wheel drive. Likewise to the front, though it is then front wheel drive.

Where to install cable chains on 2000 olds bravada?

Rear wheels if it is four wheel drive or rear wheel drive.

Is a GMC Jimmy Front wheel drive or rear wheel drive?

The GMC Jimmy is rear wheel drive. The only time the front wheels pulled is if it was a 4x4.

Can you tow a car on a car dollie in park?

Yes, If the car is rear wheel drive you have to have the rear wheels on the dollie. Front wheel drive you need the front wheels on the dollie

When driving in snow you should always put the chains on which tires?

The powered tires. On a front wheel drive car, the front wheels. On rear wheel drive, the rear wheels.

Is a Renault scenic rear wheel drive?

No, a Renault Scenic is front wheel drive. However, the rear wheels often wear faster than the front wheels, which would only normally happen with rear wheel drive. This is due to the unusual wheel alignment on this car.

What is the difference between all wheel drive and rear wheel drive?

All wheel drive means all 4 wheels are driving the vehicle. RWD means only the rear wheels are driving the vehicle, and FWD means only the front wheels are driving the vehicle.

Is a 1999 Toyota 4runner rear wheel or front wheel drive?

4 runner means four wheel drive. If the 4runner is only two wheel drive or the 4 wheel drive is not engaged, the rear wheels power the vehicle.


On a rear wheel drive vehicle, the rear axles transfer power from the rear differential to the rear wheels.

Difference between rear wheel drive wheels and front wheel drive wheels?

That is an old style of saying that a wheel is low offset rear w/drive like a old car or hi offset front w/drive like a new honda civic.

Are Ford Ranger XLT's rear or front wheel drive?

Ford Rangers are rear wheel drive trucks, XLT is a trim package ie power windows and aluminum wheels etc. The Ranger is availabe in 2 or 4 wheel drive but is driven by the rear wheels when 4x4 is not in use.

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