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Whenever I am running my AC heater or vent theres a leaking noise coming from my dash. Also there is liquid leaking onto the floor of your passenger side Does anyone know what this could be?

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2006-09-19 13:22:06

A/C condenser drain line is stopped up. Clean it out. ==

addition to answer= I asked this question because water was leaking

into my car, not out of it, when the AC was on. Many people said

the drain tube was clogged. My husband finally found it located on

the passenger side, in front of the firewall,directly behind the

condenser. The tube itself sticks out only about 1/2 inch, he felt

it rather than saw it. To clear it, he took a section of aquarium

air line tubing, duct-taped it to the hose of a shop vac, stuck it

into the AC drain tube & sucked out whatever was blocking it.

The tube now drains freely.

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