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get out of the void if you can't get out you will have to start a new game.

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There is a glitch Pokemon, "BAD EGG".

Currently, the only known glitch Pokemon is the DP box, a box that resembles MissingNo but is a square.

The glitch is only available in the earlier japenese versions of Pokemon Diamond.

try going on its t he best Pokemon glitch site!

no but you can glich a pokemon in the gba pokemon game then migrate that pokemon and it wil make the game frezz

You have to trade with another game or clone glitch it.

You need a AR, the glitch is only in the early versions of the Japanese Diamond/Pearl.

Its not possible. Pokémon diamond runs on a totally different graphics engine. Previous pokemon games used tiles and graphics. Pokemon diamond does not because maps are one big sprite.

there is no missingo in diamond or pearl as these games were made to be free of that glitch

Invisible pokémon are unobtainable during normal gameplay, however you may encounter them via glitch.

Your GTS could be freezing because you tried the "Cloning Glitch." This glitch caused my Pearl's GTS to crash whenever I tried to log onto it.

You cannot get an ARECUS by performing a glitch or cheating. You have to attend a special Nintendo event that'll allow you to download it. I may recommend Pokesav (a downloadable program to get Pokemon).

ok i think your game has a glitch or if you hacked it you messed up something...

yes you can my cousin did, go on youtibe and look for the glitch to open it

it is a glitch that randomly comes and if you delete your file it makes your game mess up very badly :'( but it gets rid of the glitch................ sorry if this wrong

there is only three ways to get celebii 1 Pokemon event 2 glitch 3 world peace

No, there isn't a glitch to get all the Pokemon in the games.

no because that will mess up the whole system in the game some times you may, but it may also glitch the game

i had to buy an action pack replay ds to get it, but it might make your game glitch

Q is only in RBY. Glitch Pokemon do not stay from generation to generation; the only glitch Pokemon you can get in RSE are Bad Eggs and ?.