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Where's Birth Island?

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I dont know where but i heard you go through a secret passage on 6 or 7 island

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What is Birth Island?

Birth Island is a secret Island that is the home of Deoxys. You can only get there if you have the Aurora Ticket.

How can you get to birth island in Pokemon platinum?

i have beaten the game, and there is no birth island.

What is the value of a 1984 porcelain Cabbage Patch Kid doll with birth certificate and box?

it can be any wheres from $75-$250

Pokemon ruby how to go to birth island?

youyou can cheat a codebreaker to go in birth island you cant visit birth island without cheat

Pokemon Emerald how to go to birth island?

the way to get to birth island is to get the auroua ticket

Is it true that Deoxys is on the moon or birth island?

He is legitally on birth island but the moon who knows.

Which island is in Godzilla?

Monster Island and Birth Island -Troycool

How do you go in birth island if you have the ticket?

you go to the ship and flash the ticket to go to birth island

What is the code for birth island in Pokemon diamond?

There is no Birth Island in the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum games.

What do i do at birth island?

Birth Island has Deoxys. There's a puzzle on the island that if you complete it correctly, Deoxys will battle you. Just Google for the answer to the puzzle.

Where is birth island on Pokemon LeafGreen?

birth island is on emraeld not leaf green its on EMERALD,LEAFGREEN,AND FIRERED

What are the secret islands in emerald?

Faraway island, Birth island and Southern island.

What do you do when you are on birth island?

you can get Deoxys there

HOW TO GET Birth island?

you cant

Where is dyoxys?

in birth island

Where you can find birth island?

Birth Island is a fictional place used in two Godzilla movies. It is not a real place.

Where to find deoxy's on Pokemon FireRed?

You must get a ticket from a Nintendo Event to go to Birth Island.

What is the name of the island the Deoxys are on in Pokemon Emerald?

Birth island

What island is deoxys in Pokemon FireRed?

you can get deoxys at birth island

How do you go to birth island in sapphire?

Birth island cannot be found in Sapphire but can be reached in Emerald. Birth Island will only appear after the player as obtained the Aurora ticket from a mystery gift during a live Nintendo event.

Do Faraway Island Navel Rock and Birth Island exist in Yellow?


Where do humpback whales give birth?

they give birth by the Hawaii Island

Where is Deoxys in emerald?

birth island

Where is dyoxis?

hes in birth island

Where does deoxes live?

Birth Island