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Q: Where can I buy voccum glass tube for my solar geyser is broken?
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How can I replace my solar panel glass?

Usually, the solar cells are attached to the glass via an adhesive membrane to prevent condensation. If the solar cells can be removed from the broken glass, simply take a shard of glass with dimensions to buy a matching replacement. The problem you'll face is how to keep the replacement glass from the effects of condensation.

What is the function of a solar geyser?

A solar geyser is a hot water tank warmed by the sun. Its function is to provide free hot water for the household. The tank can be on the roof, above the water-filled panels, or it can be on the ground with a small pump to bring hot water down from the roof.

What is a hole in the ground that has vapors or gases coming out?


What material is a solar panel made of?


Glass used for solar panels?

The glass usually used is a 1/4 inch tempered glass.

What types of insulation hold solar heat?

Glass traps solar heat. Greenhouses are made of glass so they absorb heat for the plants.

Can a solar panel charge through glass?

yes it will work like a magnifying glass

Can solar panels be broken by flying rocks?


What is the hot water shooting into the air from hot springs called?

Usually just a "geyser" but sometimes referred to with more detail as: geothermal geyser hot water geyser When a geyser goes off the vent can be correctly referred to as an "eruption"; the "eruption" is the name of the event, while "geyser" is the name of the formation that is erupting. Some moons in the outer solar system also experience geysers, but the temperatures of teh fluids are considerably colder - thus they are called "cryogeysers"; these eruptions consist of vapor without liquid; they are made more easily visible by particles of dust and ice carried aloft by the gas. Mars seems to have some carbondioxide geysers at its south pole, but they seem to be driven by solar heating rather than geothermal warming.

Do broken solar cells work?

Yes you can use broken solar cells. It will require work on your side, but it is do able.There are many websites available for you to read that explain how to combine multiple broken cells into one large working cell... you can make solar panels from broken solar cells,with broken solar cells, they are the most commonly used for beginners, simply because they are reasonably cheaper than new or "whole" solar cells. Make sure when buying your cells they have present on each cell both soldering tabs. This is necessary to make your soldering connections. Remember, on most solar cells whole or broken, the top or the front of the cell is negative and the bottom or the back of the cell is positive read the rest on my FREE DIY SOLAR PANELE-Book at solar cells

How does glass help to heat water?

solar water heaters have glass plates to receive sunlight to heat water.

What is the use of the glass lid in the solar cooker?

When sunlight falls over the solar cooker top, the sun rays pass through the glass sheet cover and get absorbed inside the cooker box. This glass sheet covers does not allow the solar energy to flow out in the form of radiant heat.Thus it traps more and more heat rays of the sun thereby producing green house effect.That is why glass lid is used in the solar cooker.

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