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To name a monatomic anion change the suffix of the element's name to

The electron geometry of a water molecule is even though the molecular geometry is bent

Is Dihydrogen monoxide an example of a nonpolar molecule

The number of pairs of electrons in a covalent bond equals the bond order

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Q: Where in Edmonton AB can I buy bulk sodium hydroxide for soap making?
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Where can i buy bulk sodium hydroxide?

Many DIY stores sell sodium hydroxide for drain clearance. Otherwise on-line chemical suppliers will supply it.

What is the cost of the element sodium?

Cost, bulk: $ per 100g.

Where to buy sodium bisulfite in bulk?

Worldwide Janitor sells this product in bulk 25 pound pails or by the pallet.

Does bulk salt dissolve?

Sodium chloride is very soluble in water.

What is the cost of naoh?

The cost of bulk sodium peroxide is 125 US dollars per tonne.

Does the sodium potassium pump use bulk transport to move sodium and potassium ions?

No, it uses [highly specific as opposed to bulk] Active Transport Systems times two: one each for each of the 'pumps' - transmembrane Gated Channels are used.

The type of tissue making up the bulk of the dermis is?

Transitional epithelium

What happen when sodium is bonded to chlorine?

This will produce sodium chloride (NaCl), which makes up the bulk of common table salt. This reaction can be dangerous if performed improperly.

Where to buy powdered Sodium Perborate in bulk?

Search in your country an office of Merck Millipore or a retailer of chemical products.The catalog number is 1065609050 for 50 kg sodium perborate.

How do we grow?

Your blood cells reproduce and add more bulk to your body making you larger.

How does bulk fermentation work?

Bulk fermentation is a process in bread making. During the process of bulk fermentation the dough prepared for the bread is left in a warm temperature, due to which the bacteria in the yeast multiply and the dough rises to double.

How does sodium chloride solution conduct electricity?

Sodium chloride solution conducts electricity through its bulk by motion of the oppositely charged sodium and chloride ions in it in opposite directions. At the electrodes used to measure conductivity, these ions interchange their electrons with the electrodes.

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