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Where is the next presidential debate?

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There is no more the last one was on Oct 23

The next Democratic debate will be 1/15 from Nevada. The next Republican debate will be 1/24 from Florida. You can find the entire debate schedule at:

You can stream it on YouTube but you can find it on Hulu on the News

Yes you can!! You can find it on YouTube and Hulu!!

I think that the second presidential debate will be on October 9th of 2016

The general consensus is that President-Elect Biden won both 2020 Presidential debates.

Lester Holt moderated the first U.S. presidential debate.

There has been more than one presidential debate in U.S. history, so you need to be more specific.

Yes. Carol Simpson was the first woman and first minority to moderate a presidential debate. The presidential debate was between Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr. in 1992.

John F. Kennedy debated Richard M. Nixon in the first televised Presidential debate

barack obama won the last debate

The first televised presidential debate was between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon on Septermber 26,1960.

The first presidential debate by Kennedy and Nixon was broadcast in September of 1960. The debate let citizens learn about both candidates and was watched by 70 million people.

The first televised debate between two Presidential candidates was between Nixon and Kennedy.

hmm I don't no about this stuff im only 8 yrs old

Nixon and Kennedy presidential debate is considered a major debate.

Tonight! (October 16th, 2012) Town Hall: President vs. Governor

The executive article fueled debate on presidential power because of the people. They thought the president does not have enough power.

Republican Presidential Debate - 2011 TV was released on: USA: 15 December 2011

Republican Presidential Debate - 2012 TV was released on: USA: 16 January 2012

2012 Presidential Debate Spoof - 2012 was released on: USA: 13 October 2012 (internet)

Critics claim that Barack Obama won the debate.

2004 Vice Presidential Debate - 2004 TV was released on: USA: 5 October 2004

2000 Vice Presidential Debate - 2000 TV was released on: USA: 5 October 2000

2008 Vice Presidential Debate - 2008 TV was released on: USA: 2 October 2008