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The wire harness for the stereo is suitable for the stereo power. The "ignition" (ACC) wire that is convenient to use for the stereo/accessories is the power wire for the fan control knob. The fan control only gets power in "accessories" or "on" therefore is as good as a remote.

__==__-- -- -- ---- -- -- -----^

(Power pin, looking at the front of the fan control plug)

(To be sure you are using the right wire (before cutting it), insert accessory wire into the front of plug and see if the stereo works with the key in the ACC position.)

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โˆ™ 2011-12-13 21:46:09
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Q: Where Is the ACCESSORIES aka IGNITION yellow wire for installing a new stereo into a 2004 oldmobile alero?
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take it back to the guy who put the stereo in and complain.

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No color diagrams, but a really good "colorful" description of the radio/stereo wiring connections.See "Related Questions" below, which include wiring connections and a detailed procedure for installing a new stereo.

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No it doesn't. The acc wire on your stereo is for accessory from your ignition switch. That's so you can turn your car key back and run your stereo without turning on the engine.