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Where and how do you install a starter on a 97 cadillac devil 4.5 you hear its under the intake manifold?



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This Vehicle Should Have A 4.6 V8 Northstar 300 Horsepower Engine. They Installed These In This Year And Model. And Yes The Starter Is Under The Intake. It Isn`t That Easy To Do, Even For Those That Know How. If You Try To Do This Youself, Remember To Take Your Time. Lable Ignition Wires, Plus Other Connections. And Also These Two Things. (1) There Is A Ground Wire Beneath The Manifold That You Take One End Off To Raise Manifold ( be sure to reconnect this ) "2" Fuel Line Seals, Take You Time And Be Carful With This.On a scale This Is Around 8. If You Choose To Have It Done. Find A Good Reasonibly Priced Mechanic. Hope This Helps.