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Ask the pharmacist, but it doesn't help you go into labor, it just gives you griping stomach pains and diarrhoea, from the bowels not the uterus.

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Q: Where and what section of a store can you find castor oil?
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Is castor oil fish oil?

Castor oil is extracted from castor seeds

How you extract castor oil from castor oil?

You can extract castor with an oil extracting machine like a screw oil press.

Is castor oil and olive oil the same?

no castor oil is different from olive oli

What is the good brand name of castor oil?

which brand is good of castor oil.

What is the meaning of castor oil in Hindi?

Castor oil is a vegetable oil derived from the castor bean. In Hindi it is called 'Arandi' or 'Rendi' ka tail.

What are the difference between cod liver oil and castor oil?

Cod liver oil is derived from the liver of cod fish. Castor oil is derived from the seeds of the castor plant.

What is the name of Castor oil in nepali?

Nepali name of Castor oil is "Adir teel"

Does castor oil affect cholesterol levels?

Does castor oil lower cholesterol levels?

Will castor oil make your water break?

Castor oil is a laxative and can cause cramping that can induce labor. Castor oil is not advised to be used by pregnant women.

Does castor oil grow hair?

I've seen lots of castor oil, but I've yet to see castor oil, with hair. So the answer is, Castor Oil can make your Poo RUNNY, but NO it CANNOT grow hair; not even on your head.

How you make castor oil from castor beans in home?

You can't.

Is mineral oil the same as Castor oil?

No! Mineral oil is damaging to the body and kills many insects and fish. Castor oil is a laxative when injected, and can help with various ailments when put into a castor oil pack. Most commonly, castor oil packs are used as treatment for cysts.

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