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Scrapbooks, as we know them today, started many centuries ago, in the form of Common place books, friendship albums, Grangerbooks, photo albums, journals, diaries, scrapbooks, and now web home pages. Commonplace books began in the 17th century. People wrote poems, quotes, pasted newspaper articles, or shared hobbies like knitting in their books. Some of these books were purchased but many were handmade, using wall covering for the cover. Granger books were printed books with blank pages in the back for personalizing. William Granger invented these books and also published a manual on how to do it. The most interesting to me is the friendship album. These little books included quotes, poems, thoughts, and hair weaving of a person. Hair weaving was a common thing in Germany in the 17th century. Girls would collect hair from all the friends and weave them into intricate designs including ribbon and pressed flowers, with a remembrance about that person. Did you know that Mark Twain was an avid scrapbooker?? He dedicated Sundays to enjoy his hobby and had 57 different scrapbooks that he sold through Montgomery Ward catalog. The peak decade for Scrapbooking was 1880-1890. Magazines of the times included articles on what to include in your scrapbooks. Journals and diaries were very popular in the 1920's through the present, mainly kept by young girls. They included their inner most thoughts and desires. Scrapbooks began to decline around 1940, when the popularity of personal photos and photo albums rose. It wasn�t till around 1975 that scrapbooks began to get popular again with people wanting to know their "ROOTS". Genealogy helped scrapbooking gain popularity again with finding out family history and wanting to make a book on that history. Scrapbooking today comes in many forms. Traditional books, computer scrapbooks and family web pages. We even have one for our family and our wedding. Scrapbooking a fad?? I don�t think so. It has been around for centuries. The popularity comes and goes, but one thing is for sure, scrapbooking is for all generations! Remember that when you're scrapbooking, and think of whom in the future will see your book and how will they scrapbook?! Alternative view The current trend of scrapbooking is usually traced back to the "commonplace books" of the 15th century. Once common people had easy access to paper, they started collecting their favorite quotes, recipes, etc. In the Victorian period, people started adding ephemera to their books, such as greeting cards and advertisements. An informative site about the origin of scrapbooking and famous persons who kept and improved upon the original concept referred to as "common-place books" is

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Q: Where and when did scrapbooking start?
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How to Start Scrapbooking with a Scrapbooking Kit?

Scrapbooking kits are useful to create personalized books for preserving memories. They contain everything you need to start making your first scrapbook. Scrapbooking kits are useful for beginners to scrapbooking, because they provide all of the basic materials for this activity. There are kits for scrapbooking hobbyists at every level, though once you become more experienced at scrapbooking, you can feel free to move beyond the kits and start creating your own scrapbooks from scratch. Decide whether you want to use a digital or non-digital scrapbooking kit. The digital scrapbooking kit you use to create a computerized scrapbook, while the non-digital scrapbooking kit lets you create a scrapbook that you can feel and touch. It’s up to you which one to use; however, bear in mind that if you want to use texture to create your scrapbook, or if it is important that you physically hold the book in your hands, you will want to opt for the non-digital kit. Figure out if you want to build your first scrapbook around a specific theme. Both digital and non-digital kits offer the option of creating books based on a variety of subjects, such as travel, sports, celebrations, or family. Themed scrapbooking kits might be easier for the beginner to use, because they provide a clear focus for them to work with, and less time has to go into thinking up designs for each page. Gather all of your photos and other materials and look at what is available in the kit. Typically, if you are using a non-digital kit, you will find pre-printed cardstock pages, papers, stickers, rulers, stencils, scissors, markers, and more. Sort through the kit and determine what you will want to use for your first scrapbook. If you do not use everything, these items can be used for any additional scrapbooks you make. If you are using a digital scrapbooking kit, you should be able to see all of the options available to you. The software should allow you to try the features out and see what looks best, and also allow you to make changes so that you can create a digital book that is pleasing to you.

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