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The week of seven days was adopted in Rome somewhere about 400 AD, and spread into Europe, but had been recognized as a period of time long before that in the east. It was probably chosen to give one day each to each of the seven planets known in antiquity. In the southern countries of Europe, the days of the week were named after the gods of the Greeks and Romans. In the English language, as well as in the languages of some of the countries of northern Europe, the gods of the north have given their names to the days. Specifically, the days are as follows (OE=Old English): Monday, OE Monandaeg, Day of the Moon Tuesday, OE Tiwsdaeg, Day of Tiw (Germanic God of War) Wednesday,OE Wodnesdaeg, Day of Woden (Germanic chief God) Thursday, OE Thorsdaeg, Day of Thor (Germanic God of thunder) Friday, OE Freyjsdaeg, Day of Freyja (Germanic goddess of love) Saturday, OE Saturnsdaeg, Day of Saturn (Roman god of wisdom?) Sunday, OE Sunnandaeg, Day of the Sun

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Q: Where and when did the names of the days originate?
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