The Crucible (play)

Where and when is Act IV set in The Crucible?


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A cell in Salem in Fall.

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In act IV of The Crucible Elizabeth tells John Proctor that she has forgiven him. She tells him how much she loves him and how Giles Corey was killed by being pressed to death.

We just got done reading the crucible and no it did not rain in act one of the play..

Hale's mission is to get the prisoners to confess to witchcraft so they can live. He wants to put a stop to the hangings.

The words are spoken by Deputy-Governor Danforth in Act iv of Arthur Millers play "The Crucible"

He had to decide if he should tell the truth and die, or lie about being a witch and live.

the setting is in the Salem meeting house

proctor vows he will confront abigail

The crucible what explaination does cheever give for parris' mad look?

Fear play an important part in the crucible the character was fearful of being hung

In Act IV Scene iv Hamlet runs into Fortinbras's army, and after a chat with a captain of that army realizes at the end of a long soliloquy that if his thoughts are not violent then they are completely WORTHLESS.

Betty and Abigail are chanting names of witches.

In 'The Crucible,' in Act IV, it is learned that Abigail has stolen money from Reverend Parris and run away. Abigail, if nothing else, was a smart girl who understood the 'jig was up,' and left before she could become the recipient of any deserved backlash as a result of her actions.

Act three mainly takes place in the court house.

An IV set consists of a bag of liquid enclosed in an outer plastic wrap, IV tubing, IV needle.

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