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The film's international premiere took place on Monday, May 12, 2008 at Odeon West End in London's Leicester Square. It will be available on DVD on September 23, 2008.

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When is the 'Sex and the City' movie premiere?

Sex and the City's movie premiere was in May 2008.

When was the New York City premiere date for the movie 'Sex and the City'?

The premiere date for the "Sex and the City" movie in NYC was May 27, 2008.

Where will the Sex And The City movie premiere in New York?

The film had its New York City premiere at Radio City Music Hall on Tuesday, May 27, 2008

When does the sex and the city movie premiere in in Ireland?

The listed premeire for UK is May 28, 2008.

When will Sex and The City Movie Premier in London?

The UK premiere is scheduled for May 28, 2008.

When does sex and the city premier in new york?

Sex and the city the movie will premiere in New York on May 27. The rest of us must wait until May 30.

Will there be an LA premiere for Sex and the City?

if your talking about the red carpet premiere, there is no way to buy tickets. it's for people in the industry and the cast/crew of the movie/studio.

How do you get sex and the city London movie premiere tickets?

lecieter square has a ticket shop near the cinema ask there.

When is the red carpet premiere for the sex and the city movie in New York?

It´s already taken place, 27 of May at Radio City Music Hall

When is the sex and the city new york premiere?

Get a GF and a life

Where will the premiere of the Jonas brothers 3D movie premiere take place which movie theater in LA will the premiere of the Jonas brothers 3D movie premiere take place?

its going to be in Mexico city on feb,20,09

Is sex in the city the movie like full of sex?


Where will the movie Sex and the City be shown?

The US release date for Sex and the City: The Movie is May 30, 2008 (US).

What is black and white movie in sex and the city 2?

The movie Carrie and Big are watching in Sex and the city 2 is "It happened one night"

Where is the Premiere city for the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons?


What song does miley sing in sex and the city?

She doesn`t sing in Sex and The City the movie 2.

Password for sex and the city movie?


When is the movie 'Sex and the City' 2 due to be released on DVD?

Sex and The City 2 movie DVD is due out September 23, 2010.

When was the movie 'Sex and the City' released on DVD?

September 23rd. Source - AND

Will there be another sex in the city movie?

We now know that after the first Sex and the City movie that there will be a sequel, no date has been set but all the 4 female leads, and the producers from the first movie will reprise their roles. The sequel for Sex and the City will come out may 28,2010 and there are new charactes and the same 4 ladies are in Sex and the City2

What is the age rating for sex and the city movie?


Is sex and the city movie still in theaters?

No, it is on DVD.

Is Jennifer Hudson on sex and the city?

Yes. She was in the movie.

Is miley cryus going on sex in the city?

She was in the Sex and the City movie 2, on the red carpet with Samantha playing herself.

Is the movie sex and the city for kids?

No way; it has sex scenes in it. It is a rated 15 film.

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