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It may be argued that Modesty Blaise is a sort of composite character based on an amalgam of Gina Lollobrigida and Anastasia Nicolaievna Romanov. Unlike Gina, Modesty Blaise, a Free-lance (Free Switchblade and automatic?) spy has Blue Eyes but her build and hair style are quite Lollobrigidienne. Draw Your own conclusions.

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What famous comic duo inspired the characters r2-d2 and c-3po?

R2-D2 and C-3PO characters were based upon the famous comic duo of Laurel and Hardy .

Do copyright laws apply to comic book characters?

Yes , copyright laws are applied to comic book characters .

What is the history of the Daily Planet magazine?

The Daily Planet is a newspaper in the fictional comic of Superman. The newspaper is based in Metropolis, where the main characters of the comic, Clark Kent and Lois Lane are employed.

Betty and Veronica are characters of which comic?

They are characters of Archie Comics.

How do you determine the value of a comic book?

Comic book values are based on several factors: condition, rarity, content, and desirability. Issues with popular artists or characters, or the first appearance of a popular character will be more valuable.

Who created the comic book characters the Sentinels?

The comic book characters of "Sentinel" were created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. The first appearance of these characters was in 1965. The "Sentinel" is published by Marvel Comics.

What date was Annie the musical first written?

The musical "Annie" premiered on Broadway in 1977. It is based on the characters from the Little Orphan Annie comic strip.

Who are Empire magazine's 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters?

'Empire magazine's 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters' ~ see the related link below .

Are there any gay comic book characters?


Do comic book creators keep their rights to their characters once the comic is published?

YES. They have the right to everything including the art, characters, story, plot everything that they created!

What are comic strips?

Those sequences of panels with cartoon characters in them. You usually read them in the newspaper or in a comic book.

What is the uncanny X-Men?

Comic book characters from the Marvel comic book of the same name.

The play Rosencrantz is based on which minor characters from which shakespeare play?

They are minor characters from the play, Hamlet by William Shakespeare. The two characters are Hamlet's friends that are represented as being rather dumb and more or less play the role of comic relief within the play.

When is Smallville season 11?

There will be no Season 11 TV series however DC Comics is making a Season 11 comic book which is based on the Smallville characters.

Betty and veronica are characters from which comic?

Archies Comics. Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge are the girl friends of Archie Andrews

What were the Christian names of the men in peanuts comic strip?

There were no men in the Peanuts comic strip. All characters were children.

How do you unlock all character comic star fighting?

how to unlock all characters on comic fighters 2 game

How do you get goku on comic stars fighting 3?

In comic star fighting 3,none of the characters in the last row are comic stars fighting enhanced

What the black characters name in the peanuts comic strip?


In comic book characters who can see through walls?


Who are the Characters in comic strip mutt and Jeff?

mutt and jeff

What new characters appeared in the Smallville Season 11 comic book series?

New characters that appeared in the Season 11 comic series include Batman, Nightwing and Wonder Woman.

What is Marvel VS DC universe?

a comic series where marvel characters are pitted against dc characters

Is the show Chuck based on a book?

No, but there is a comic book based on the show.

What are some comic book characters that begin with the letter A?

Archie Andrews

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