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Atlantic Ocean,peninsula,river

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What are 3 geographical locations that you might find water on earth?

atlantic ocean, peninsula, pond

Where are the geographical locations to find fresh water on earth?

From the well

What is a geographical setting?

geographical setting means any land, water, or anything on earth like geography but formed in such as a setting

How is water stored on earth?

Water stored on earth naturally in different forms and locations: on the surface, below the ground and in the oceans.

What is a geographical barrier?

Geographical barriers are natural barriers that divide the Earth. Some examples include a mountain range, a large body of water or an expanse of climatic differences.

Whats with Mars and the water on it?

mars north polar cap is sposed to have water on it geographical features simalar to ones on earth leading to further proof that Mars has or had water on it

What might the earth be like if water did not have this special property?

it would be no use of water because without its property then earth would be a water planet

How is water returned to the surface of the earth?

It is through precipitation that water returns to the surface of the earth. It might be rain, hail, snow or another form.

Where can you get salt from?

Salt (NaCl, or table salt) can be obtained from sea water by evaporation of the solvent (water) and can also be mined from the earth in various locations around the world.

Which planet's water resources solid gas or liquid might be close to the amount on Earth?

Europa and Titan have more water than is found on Earth.

All the water on earth is recycled. What does that mean about the water you drink?

It means that we might just be drinking Marie Antoinette's bath water! It is amazing that the earth recycles ALL of it's water.

Which planet other than earth in your solar system might once have a liquid water?

Mars might have had water but that was at least 1 billion years ago

What elements are in filtered water?

For sure, you will find oxygen and Hydrogen Then, depending on the geographical zone you are, it might have different minerals among other elements. Let alone if we are talking about filtered ocean water.

What are the differences between earth and the other planets?

Earth is where we live. The planet Earth is in a area of the milky way And we have water on our home planet. The other planets do not have water on them. They might be near galaxies but they are not inside a galaxy

What are three natural processes that might have helped to shape the earth?

Wind,Water And Ice

What are the geographical features in a salt water biome?

Water, reefs, sand, seashells

What are the major geographical features of Mesopotamia?

mountains and water

What are the difficulties of farming with regard to geographical location?


Which geographical feature is formed by water erosion?


What inner planet does not have water and oxygen?

Mercury and Venus are inner planets that does not have water and oxygen. Mars might be another, but we don't know. It might have water. Now Earth....if there was no water and oxygen, I wouldn't be replying to this(except if I was alien, eh?)!

How is mars like earth?

Scientists believe that there was water on mars before. It might have been frozen.

Why might scientist think that water is on the moon?

There are theories that the moon use to be part of the Earth, therefore, when the asteroid that hit Earth and sent a large chunk ( Theorized as our moon) in to space, that piece may have water on it from where it use to be part of the Earth.

Is a waterfall a renewable resource?

No a water fall is a geographical feature. Water is a resource but it is not renwable

What are some geographical features in an island?

Islands are surrounded by water.

What geographical feature is formed by water erosion?

It Would Be Canyon