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Where are Fuses in desktop computers?

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There is at least 1 fuse in the power supply of a computer usually located at the back top of the computer case. If a short occurs in any of the computer hardware, this fuse will blow, preventing damage to the power supply.

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Where are Fuses in desktop computers?

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How many different varieties of Hewlett Packard desktop computers are there?

The different varieties of Hewlett Packard desktop computers are; home desktop computers, home touch screen computers, home high performance computers, home all-in-one desktop computers, business desktop computers, workstations and thin clients. So totaling of about seven varieties.

Does Toshiba make desktop computers?

Yes, Toshiba does make Desktop Computers.

Do computers have fuses?

Power supplies have fuses. The motherboards do not.

Why desktop is different from computer to computer?

A computers desktop is completely customizable. The user can put whatever picture and files they want on the computers desktop.

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Desktop computers are produced in the UK at PC specialist and PC world and the PCO group are all manufacturers of high quality desktop computers and much more.

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One can find reviews on desktop computers online at various websites. One can find reviews on desktop computers on websites such as CNET and PriceGrabber.

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Can a all in one computer do all the same functions as a desktop computer?

I think that a all in one computer really works great for desktop computers. Many times desktop computers work better then desktop but laptop computers are more portable.

Describe the two common design for desktop computers?

two common designs for desktop computer are1 horizontally oriented system unit2 vertically oriented tower

Can laptop computers and desktop computers be networked together?


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hp is best for a desktop PC

Which is the latest Microsoft operating system for desktop computers?

The latest Microsoft operating system for desktop computers is WIndows 7.

Where is the CPU of a desktop computer located?

Desktop computers, also known as personal computers, have the CPU in the unit on the users' workspace.

Are dell desktop computers better than gateway desktop computers?

It depends entirely on the computer. No brand is inherently better than another. Computers are the sum of their parts.

Are there desktop Apple iMac computers?

Yes, Apple has a line of desktop computers that were introduced to the public in the year of 1998. The Imac is Apple's line of consumer desktops computers.

When were desktop computers made?


Desktop computers and notebook computers are two kinds of what?

Personal Computer?

Do notebook computers cost more than desktop computers?


Where is it possible to purchase Dell desktop computers?

Dell desktop computers are available from many different retailers. Aside from purchasing these types of desktop computers from the Dell website, one could also find these computers available for purchase at stores like Best Buy and Walmart.

Where can one purchase Dell desktop computers?

Dell desktop computers are dependable and affordable computers that will satisfy any customer that purchases one. Dell desktop computers can be purchased online at a site such as Newegg or in stores at the many electronic stores such as Best Buy or Fry's Electronics.

What are the differences between desktop computers laptops and notebooks?

Desktop computers differ from laptops and notebooks because they are not portable like laptops and notebooks. Desktop computers are usually your personal pc computers with windows and/or apple operating systems. Laptop computers are great as they are portable and can be used anywhere there is wifi service as are notebooks.

Are laptop computer more reliable than desktop computers?

Laptop computers are just as reliable as desktop computers. Like desktop computers, the measure of how reliable the computer is depends on the hardware that went into making it. If you buy a cheap computer the computer itself isn't going to be all that reliable.

Discuss the factors that are likely to influence the demand for desktop computers in Ghana?

Discuss the factors that are likely to influence the demand for desktop computers in GHANA?