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Visit and click the "Contact Us" link. You can even make arrangements to tour their factory!

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Q: Where are Kawasaki's motorcycles built?
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What are the different types of Harley motorcycles?

the different types of motorcycles are suzukis, DUCATIS, kawasakis, hondas, harley davidsons, yamahas, and last but definitly not least the ninja. ((((Someone is not paying attention at all. the question was asked what are the different types of HARLEY DAVIDSON motorcycles. go to this link and you will get all your answers with descriptions.))))

How are motorcycles are built?

they are built by metal thingys [hope i helped a little]

What are Kawasakis Harleys and Ducatis?

They are all manufacturers of motorcycles. Harley - Harley-Davidson, a US company. Kawasaki - Kawasaki Motorcycle Corporation, a Japanese company. Ducati - Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A. is an Italian company.

Are rc motorcycles built from a kit safe?

Yes, RC Motorcycles built from a kit are safe. You can check out this website for all the details:

How many Harley motorcycles were built in 1915?

In 1915 Harley Davidson produced a total of 16,645 motorcycles.

Where are Yamaha Virgo motorcycles made?


What city are ducati motorcycles built?

Bologna, Italy.

Where are Star Motorcycles made?

Star Motorcycles are the cruiser form of motorcycles built by Yamaha Motor Corporation. The V.I.N. number should begin with JYA on all of these cruisers, signifying they are made in Japan.

Where can one purchase custom built motorcycles?

Typically, custom built motorcycles are handled by local companies that perform this work. A person should find a local chop shop that has a reputation for satisfying its customers.

Are suzukis and kawasakis the same?

No, but they are both Japanese made bikes.

How many harley Davidson motorcycles have been built since 1903?


What year of kawasakis had problems with there cylinders?


When were BMW motorcycles first built?

They started building engines for other companies in 1921. They built there first motorcycle in 1923.

What has the author Eric Hameister written?

Eric Hameister has written: 'I am Jesse James' -- subject(s): Customizing, Home-built motorcycles, Mechanics (Persons), Motorcycles, Motorcyclists, Pictorial works

Were are victory motorcycles made?

Owned by Polaris Industries Victory motorcycles are build along side Polaris ATVs in the Polaris factory Spirit Lake, Iowa. The motors are built in Osceola, Wisconsin.

What are facts about Harley Davidson Motorcycles?

The first Harley Davidson motorcycle was built in 1903. They used a tomato can for the carburetor.

When did Yamaha motorcycles become Star motorcycles?

star motorcycles is just a line of motorcycles made by Yamaha

How many fxwg harley motorcycles were built in 1985?

The Evo was very popular and Harley Davidson Truely made A comeBack. 1n 1985 202,555 Harley Davidson motorcycles were sold, out of which 17.040 were Dyna wideglides.

Why are kawasakis green?

Kawasakis back in the 90's started out green because people thought it looked big and bad, unlike Honda which was started out by a nice family owned couple- following the big bad green came the Grinch, which was based off of the kawasaki color.

What is possessive for motorcycles?


What motorcycles start with the letter U?

Ural Motorcycles and Ultra Motorcycles.

Do motorcycles have a alternator?

Do motorcycles have an alternator.

How are today motorcycles different with early motorcycles?

Motorcycles today are way cooler than the motorcycles of yesterday. High in quality as well as in quantity.

What are some brands that produce cheap motorcycles?

Some brands that produce cheap motorcycles can vary depending on if one is looking for a cheaply built or cheap for what the motorcycle features. Some of brands that are considered cheap are Hyosung, Suzuki, Kymco and QLINK.

Do motorcycles have safety features?

No, motorcycles have only helmets. Cars are better than motorcycles because they a lot more features about safety rather than motorcycles.