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NO because they might go to tna no they might not sorry I'm pretty sure Sting might be in the TNA but not very active and Luger and Steiner are totally gone from the pro Wrestling scene. Sting will never come to WWE. he has had nearly 5 years now to do so and he hasn't and at 46 years old now, he never will. Luger is done. Retired. To much in trouble with the law. Both Steiner's are done also. Scott could not get over during his singles run in wwe. NO...Sting is too old...Steiner maybe... and Luger don't know... All I know is that Steiner is competing an the NWA... stenier is at TNA at the moment now.Sting was in TNA but after final resoulotion he quit TNA but he might be back for Lockdown Sting is going to TNA. Scott Steiner is wrestling indies with Rick his brother and Lex Luger is held without bail with a court appearance scheduled on the 22nd on two felonies in the state of Georgia Lex Luger spent two weeks in a Minneapolis jail awaiting extradition back to Georgia on two criminal warrants I heard luger was flat broke living with a minister and his wife. Steiner wrestles still but can't say where. I don't know about Sting

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Q: Where are Sting Luger and Steiner now and will they come back to the WWE?
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