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It is not currently known whether there even are any such aliens.

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How do you grow baby aliens out of aliens?

There is no evidence that aliens exist therefore the biology of aliens, if they do, is unknown

Are aliens people like us?

Aliens are aliens, not humans, otherwise they wouldn't be called aliens.

Where did the aliens come from in the movie aliens?

The aliens from "Aliens in the Attic' came from a planet called "Zirkon".

What are the names of the aliens in Unlimited Aliens and what do they do?

They are called Scardox Aliens.

Are us the people aliens?

hoomans are aliens to other aliens

Can aliens abduct you?

If there are aliens

How do aliens get babies?

There are no aliens.

What are some movies with aliens in them?

monstors vs. aliens and aliens in the attic

Are xenomorphs in the movie aliens real?

Xenomorphs are aliens. And yes--if you believe in aliens.

Do aliens think they you are aliens?

yes. we think other species are aliens because we dont know what they are. maybe aliens dont know about us and think we are aliens.

What restrictions do aliens have that citizens do not?

Aliens can be deported. You can not deport a citizen. Aliens cant vote Aliens can not run for political office

What if Aliens exist would they call us aliens?

If we were there, we would be aliens. If they were here, they would be the aliens. Depends on the type of alien.

Do you have pictures of aliens?

There are no such thing as aliens

Are humans aliens?

We are called aliens, when we go to another country. If there are any aliens in space, which is not yet actually proven, we would be aliens to them.

Does California have aliens?

Yes, there are aliens in California at a little market it has a U.F.O with aliens shopping for laser beams [the aliens and the U.F.O are models].

Do aliens eat meat?

No. Aliens eat vegetables food. They are Vegans. Aliens eat meat. They eat humans. And aliens are reptile.

Is there aliens on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

No there are no aliens in cod6, there are aliens in killzone.

Why are there people not aliens in the world?

We are aliens. Why aren't aliens people? It all depends which side your on

Are there really aliens and are you aliens to the aliens?

i think there are and they might be your own friends or some thing.

What about aliens?

Aliens love the Mall of America. For some reason, it has attracted many aliens. The Mall of America has become a destination for visiting aliens.

What do you do about aliens?

Nothing. There are no aliens known to exist.

Who are the baddies in Monsters Vs Aliens?

the aliens

Can there be any girl aliens?

Aliens have no genders...

Which planet has aliens?

We do not know what planet has aliens.

How would aliens refer to us?