Where are all 8 red coins on super Mario DS?

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there are 8 red coins in each world
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Where are all the coins in Super Mario for ds?

These are the maximum coin count Bob-omb Battlefield - 229 Whomp's Fortress - 214 Jolly Roger Bay - 140 Cool, Cool Mountain - 255 Hazy Maze Cave - 207 Big Boo's Haunt - 16

In Super Mario ds how do you get to w7-8?

Ok Hi Well first you have to complete the world 6. Then you go to world eight. Then you must complete the HU-MON-GUS castle at the end. It's quite difficult. But anyway, i

How do you make all the red blocks solid in super Mario ds?

You have to find a "?" switch somewhere in the castle, here is how to do it: Get some power stars until you see a light in the middle. Then look up. You should be in a sky

How do you complete Frosty Slide for 8 Red Coins in Super Mario 64?

The coins are located as follows: . Right at the top of a tree near where the level starts. . At the bottom of the mountain, in a corner. . At the top of the ski lift. .

How do you get the red coin in the haunted mansion super Mario 64 ds?

Its easy(you have to have unlocked mario and the power flower) . Go to the room that you got Luigi in(upstairs, the last room on the right) goto the end of the room. There is
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What happens if you collect all the star coins in Super Mario Bros DS?

In world 1 after you complete the game a blue roofed Toad's house appears at the first level look up , in that house you can you HAVE to buy the wallpaper 20 star coins each ,
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How do you get all red coins in wet dry world in Super Mario 64?

All the red coins are in the secret downtown area. To reach therego to the cannon and blast off towards the black grated area in thecorner of the level. Swim through the passa