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The Easter eggs are on random pages around the site. You probably won't find them on the same pages as other people. Just surf the site to see if you can find any.

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Where are the Easter eggs on howrse?

you have to find them they are on different pages i have found 2!!!

Where are the Easter eggs hidden on Howrse?

they fly across your screen at random times at random places. you have to click them

How do you find all the Easter eggs in the egg hunt on howrse?

Just by going places on howrse the are just random UFOs there is ni set place the are just anywhere. I found one taking care of a horse.i usually find them on my homepage but be carefull the Easter egg might rot

Can you buy eggs on Howrse?

No, You Cannot Buy Eggs On Howrse

What day do you eat Easter eggs?

Easter eggs can be eaten at any time of the year. However, traditionally, it is suggested that you begin to eat Easter eggs on Easter Sunday and continue to eat eggs until all have been consumed.

Why were Easter eggs invented?

because easter is all about jeus and when he was on the cross

How much chocolate eggs does Easter Bunny got?

easter bunny got lots an lots of easter eggs but they are'nyt 4 u. they all 4 me!!

What kind of eggs do children hunt for?

Easter eggs Easter eggs

Why do you eat Easter eggs at Easter?

we eat Easter eggs at Easter to celebrate new life.

How much do Easter eggs go down by on Easter monday?

Well Easter eggs are consumed even before Easter so by monday exactly 100000000 are consumed all over the world

Why you eat Easter eggs?

you do not eat easter eggs

Why eggs on Easter?

Are you trying to say why are there eggs on easter? If so, because the plastic eggs have candy from the Easter Bunny.

Where are all the Easter eggs in bad eggs on line the game?

You delete all your data and press select.

How do you find all the Easter eggs on the Easter eggs hunt on build-a-bearville?

Well first, you need to get a different game to play...

Where are the Easter Bunny's Eggs on HorseIsle?

Rake all around the Easter Bunny's House! =D

Are Easter eggs traditional at Easter time?

Yes Easter eggs are an Easter tradition, they are usually made from chocolate and eaten on Easter Sunday.

Do people look for Easter eggs on Easter day?

Yes, Easter Sunday is the traditional day to hunt for Easter eggs.

Does Easter egg roll day have anything to do with egg rolls?

No, not at all. Easter egg rolls are rolls of Easter eggs, not egg rolls of Easter.

Why do we have Easter Eggs?

we have Easter eggs because it symbolises new life

Do they have Easter eggs in US?

Yes, there is Easter eggs in the United States.

What kind of eggs did the people on Easter Island eat?

Easter eggs

What shops can you get Easter eggs from?

You can get Easter eggs from waitrose and cooperative food

When does the Easter bunny deliver the eggs?

The Easter Bunny delivers its eggs at 12am in the morning.The Easter Bunny delivers its eggs at 12am in the morning.

Do you have to put Easter eggs out for the Easter bunny?

the Easter bunny puts (hides) the eggs for children to find. You don't put eggs out for the bunny. :-)

When are Easter eggs given?

On Easter