Where are all the HMS on SoulSilver?

You get HM1 (Cut) from a man in the Ilex forest when you return his Farfetch'd.

HM2 (Fly) you get from the 5th gym leader Chuck's wife after you beat him. She is right outside his Gym.

HM3 (Surf) you get from helping out the Kimono girl in Eqruteak city at the dance studio or whatever it is.

HM4 (Strength) You get from a sailor at the diner in Olivine City.

HM5 (Whirlpool) You get it from Lance after helping him defeat Team Rocket in Mahogany Town.

HM6 (Rock Smash) You get it from a Hiker at route 36.

HM7 (Waterfall) You can find it at the end of the Ice cave that goes between Mahogany Town and Blackthorn.

HM8 (Rock Climb) You get it from Prof. Oak in Pallet Town after getting all the badges from the Kanto Region.

Hope this helps you out :)