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Antibodies are made in the lymph nodes.

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Where in the body are antibodies made?

antibodies are made in the hemoglobin of the blood

What are antibodies made by?


Are antibodies made of lipids?

Most of the antibodies in the body are made of lipids. This is one of the main functions of the lipids in the body.

Are antibodies made of enzymes?

Antibodies are not made of enzymes. Although they are both made of proteins, these substances have different structures and therefore have different functions

Which nutrient makes up antibodies?

Antibodies aren't made up of nutrients exactly, but are made of protein (different in structure from the protein you eat).

What is the organic substance for antibodies?

Antibodies are made from y-shaped proteins by white blood, plasma cells.

Antibodies are made by?

(1 pt) lymphocytes

What is a substance made in response to an antigen?


Is producing antibodies a response by human white blood cells to pathogens?

Yes. Antibodies are made in response to pathogens. The antibodies are made by WBCs. These antibodies are a "match" to the pathogen. The next time the body is attacked by this pathogen, the antibody response will be much faster and a person will recover much sooner.

What is anti-venene made of?

Anti-venene is made by injecting a small amount of the venom in question into an animal. That animal produces antibodies to fight the venom. The blood of the animal is then drawn out and the antibodies extracted. These antibodies are the anti-venene.

What are antibodies made of?

The are made up of globulin protein and so called immunoglobulin

Can kidneys release antibodies?

No, Kidneys only filter waste from the blood. Antibodies are made by special kinds of white blood cells to.

What protein is made in response to foreign invaders?

antibodies. simple.

What chemicals made by the body help fight disease?


What Makes Antibodies?

Antibodies are produced by:Cytotoxic T cells.Helper T cells.Suppressor T cells.Plasma cells.B memory cells.IgE antibodies are made by dander cells

Do you have antibodies against Swine Flu?

If you have been exposed to the virus that causes H1N1 Pandemic Swine Flu, either from having had the flu or from getting a vaccination for it, then your body will have made antibodies to the virus, as long as you have a healthy immune system. Once your body has made antibodies to that virus, you are immune to the disease if exposed in the future, as long as it is the exact same virus and not a mutated form of it. This immunity is provided by the previously made antibodies.

What substance are antibodies made out of?

Anitibodies are made from white blood cells called, B lymphocytes

What are antibodies and hormones and enzymes made of?

They are all proteins (made up of different amino acids).

What are protein substances made by leukocytes called?

Leukocytes make antibodies.

How are pathogens made less harmful by antibodies?

Bacteria are made less harmful with antibodies by either killing the bacterium outright, or by weakening the bacterial production and letting the body's natural systems destroy the bacteria.

What kind of substances are antibodies made up of?

Antibodies are proteins made of amino acid subunits. Carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen and sulfur are a few of the basic elements making up amino acids.

Why do you only catch measles once?

Your body makes antibodies every time you get a disease. If the measles enter your body again, you will have antibodies already made to attack them.

Special Proteins made by immune system to kill germs?

immunoglobulins, antibodies

Proteins made by white blood cells to destroy pathogens are called?


The substances made by white blood cells to kill pathogens are called?