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All carbohydrates are broken down into glucose through the process of digestion.

Once the glucose leaves the intestines, it is sent through the blood stream to the various organs and tissues that need it (the brain being the biggest user of glucose for energy), but the pancreas needs to send out insulin to the cells to allow them to accept the glucose.

The pancreas samples the amount of glucose that passes through it (through the blood circulating) to enable it to send out the right amount of insulin required.

If there is too much glucose in the blood (more than the body needs), it is mainly stored in the following organs:

* the liver

* skeletal muscles (all the muscles that are attached to the bones) A small amount is also stored in the kidneys.

The stored form of glucose is called glycogen.

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Q: Where are carbohydrates stored in the human body?
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What Complex carbohydrates made by the human body are stored in the?


What is the carbohydrate that is made in the human body?

Distribution of carbohydrates in the human body is provision of energy to cells to facilitate all body processes. Carbohydrates are distributed in the form of glucose and when they are not used, they are stored as glycogen or fat.

Low carbohydrate diets claim that carbohydrates create human fat?

The premise of low carbohydrate diets is that carbohydrates create fat. The reasoning is that carbohydrates are easily converted into energy by the body. Any extra energy is stored by the body as fat, regardless of the source.

Why is carbohydrate called protein sparer?

When your body needs energy, it will first use carbohydrates stored in your body, sparing the protein and fats in your body. When the stored carbohydrates are depleted, the body will start using protein and fats.

Which type of food can be stored as body fat?

Sugar and carbohydrates are stored as body fat. This is extra energy that the body doesn't need and so it is stored as fat.

How are most carbohydrates used in the human body?

Carbohydrates relate to the human body by creating the energy the body needs to move.

What does you body do when you eat vegetables due to the carbohydrates stored in plant cells?

In many cases, the human body is unable to process the carbohydrates locked in the plant's cell walls. This is dietary fiber and passes through the digestive tract mostly unchanged.

When you eat a vegetable your body from carbohydrates stored in plant?

your body uses it for energy

Is fiber stored for when you have no carbohydrates to burn?

No, fats are used as energy once your body has no carbohydrates left to burn.

What happens if you eat too many carbohydrates what do they get stored as?

You will put on weight, as they are converted to fat, which is stored by the body.

What carbohydrates are for?

A carbohydrate is a nutrient which is non-essential to the human body. Carbohydrates provides the human body with easy accessed energy in the form of glucose.

What does Carbohydrates and fat produce in the body?

Both of them give you energy. Carbohydrates do not produce anything in your body. Fats are stored in body in large scale and give shape and smoothness to your body.