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What are good hotels in Munich Germany?When I was flying the crew and I would stay at the Forum in town. If you have a car stay at a pension or guest house on the outskirts of town.

We go to Oktoberfest each year and stay at the K+K Hotel Am Harras located downtown. It's a nice hotel and near most everything.

Munich one of the good and big cities of Germany has various good hotels to stay. Some of the finest hotels of Munich are:

Hotel Excelsior

Hotel Am Siegestor

Mandarin Oriental Munich

Kings Hotel First Class

Holiday Inn Munich City North

Hotel Bayrischer Hof

Also there are international brands like Hilton, Sheraton, Westin

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What hotels in Germany have good guest reviews?

According to some visitors a few good hotels in Germany include but aren't limited to the NH Muenchen Deutscher Kaiser, Hotel Laimer Hof Nympheburg Palace Munich, and the Holiday Inn Munich-Unterhaching.

Whereabouts In Germany Is Munich?

Munich is in S. Germany.

Where can someone find a list of cheap hotels in Munich?

You can find a cheap list of hotels in Munich on websites such as Booking, Expedia, and Trip Advisor. Hostel Bookers also provides a list of cheap Munich hotels.

What are some restaurant's in Germany?

Munich1 Restaurants42 Attractions158 HotelsFrankfurt25 Restaurants57 Attractions97 HotelsBerlin111 Restaurants236 Attractions273 Hotels

Is Munich in Bavaria or Germany?

Munich is the Capital of Bavaria, which is a province of, and is in, Germany !

What currency do they use in Munich?

Munich is in Germany, and Germany uses the Euro.

Is Munich in the north of Germany?

Munich is in the south of Germany, to the north of the Bavarian Alps

Which hotels in Munich have five star ratings?

Many hotels in Munich have five star ratings. Some of those that do include the Mandarin Oriental Munich, Rocco Forte The Charles Hotel, Sofitel Munich Bayerpost and The Westin Grand Munchen.

Landforms of Munich?

What are the landform's of Munich Germany

Where was Munich?

Munich is in the south east of Germany.

Where was the Munich Olympics held?

In Munich Germany

Where is Munich?

AnswerMunich is located on the southeast of Germany.Munich is a German capital.

What are some good hotels in Augsburg?

There are quite a few quality hotels in the Augsburg, Germany region. Some of these hotels in the Augsburg, Germany region are Steigenberger Drei Mohren and Augsburger Pakhotel.

How many miles from Munich Germany to Bavaria Germany?

Munich is in Bavaria. In fact, it is the capital.

What is the population of Munich Germany?

The population of munich germany, as of Dec. 31 2007, is 1,356,594.

What is the distance in miles from Munich to Stuttgart Germany?

The driving distance from Munich, Germany to Stuttgart, Germany is about 140 miles.

Where in Germany was the Munich pact agreement signed?


What country is Bayern Munich?

Bayern Munich is from Germany.

Who are best stockbrokers in Munich Germany?

who are stockbrokers in Munich

Munich is in?

Munich is the third most populous city of Germany. It is located in Bavaria, Southern Germany.

How can you find hotels in Munich Airport prior to arriving in Munich?

The Munich Airport website contains information about all the nearby hotels. If you cannot access the internet, just ask someone working in the airport for directions to one convenient for you.

What languages are spoken in Munich Germany?

In München (aka Munich), Germany they speak standard German and the Bavarian German variations. There they have their own slang in and around Munich, which is called "bayrisch" (bavarian)

Is Munich a Jewish name?

No. Munich is the name of a city in Germany.

How many miles from Seattle WA to Munich Germany?

how many miles fromSeattle WA to Munich Germany

Is Munich the capital of Germany?

Berlin is the capital of Germany. Munich is the capital of Bavaria (one of the German states).