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Where are headlight covers illegal?


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"all 50 states?"

WRONG! look up your code regulations at your state website, IN for example only requires certain distance of visibility for bright and low intensities.


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No according to the Texas DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) Headlight Covers are illegal. You can't have any color even clear covering those head lights in the Lone Star State.

illegal yes in all of the US but if u get them tinted right, you wont get hassled. Generally the covers are just a fix it ticket.

They are the headlight washer covers. If you have headlight washers, these covers lift when you activate the windshield washer.

Plastic headlight covers need to be buffed with rubbing compound used to restore paint

Headlight covers can be found at many retail outlets. These include the stores or websites of Halfords, AutoZone, CariD, Auto Parts Warehouse, Amazon, and Parts Train.

Headlight covers are not quite easy to put on but if you follow the instructions provided with the covers it should be no problem at all. For a non mechanic this may seem a little hard but nothing compared to diving into the engine to fix something.

It may not be illegal, but NT won't pass safety inspection.

Headlight blackout kits are illegal in some places because of safety concerns. An installed kit can cause headlights to function improperly leading to poor visibility.

Yes they sell restoration kits for headlights

17) Are headlight, tail light/brake light and license plate covers legal for street use inOregon?Answer: No. Headlight and tail/brake light covers do not meet the federal lighting standard (FMVSS 108) and Oregon has adopted the federal standard. Covers alter the light output and also reflectivity of reflex reflectors and may cover up the required square inches of lens and/or reflex reflectors required by FMVSS 108. (ORS 816.010)License plate covers, clear or tinted, are not legal because any material or covering, other than a frame or plate holder, placed on, over or in front of the plate that alters the appearance of the plate, would be illegal. Plate covers, especially tinted ones, alter the visibility of the plate and most importantly, all plate covers alter the reflectivity of the plate. (ORS 803.550).

yes, i got mine at they make smoke and carbon fiber. they also have headlight covers

illegalacted unlawfully

In California, clear, plastic license plate covers are illegal. Even if they are completely clear, anything over the plate is not allowed.

There is a manual knob located on the bottom of the headlight door motor, the motor is right behind the grill.

There aren't headlight covers, it all one unit. One of my lens was cracked and I had to replace the whole unit.

The lenses are not removable from the headlights. They are one assembly.

To adjust your headlights on a Peugeot 106, you need to find the screws to covers the headlights. Look on the chrome that covers the headlights, and if not there, check under the rim.

is it illegal to have a clear cover over your license plate in nj

yes you will get arrested and fined £1000

It pulls off. Sometimes easier to remove the headlight assembly to change the bulb. We have instructions at our forum. Trailblazer enthusiasts!

They're illegal everywhere that I am aware of. All states have statutes prohibitting any 'alteration' of their license plates. Tinted covers change (alter) the color of the plates and/or obscure the printing on them).

I am going to court tomorrow, will let you know....

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