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Where are iPods produced?

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China as well. in a sweatshop. with little kids.

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Who produced iPods?


Who produced the iPods?


Are apple ipods ethically produced?

Yes they are ethically produced. No animal testing happens when making this product. Its electronics you can not think that ipods are produced any other way.

What is the history of iPods?

The first iPod was mass produced in 2001.

How are iPods produced?

Money and metal. and lcd stuff. just tells us where and how or keep your virtual mouth shut.

What is the collective noun for a group of iPods?

There is no standard collective noun for iPods.Since an iPod is a trademarked product made by a manufacturer; the collective noun for a manufacturers group of products would be a line of iPods.As a consumer product, iPods are normally individually owned or possessed by a consumer; but if you happen to be a consumer with a number of iPods, you have a collection of iPods.Some collective nouns suggested for iPods are:a pod of iPodsa puddle of iPodsa cemetery of iPods

What kind of pop art is being produced today?

all types of pop art are being produced today. Such as, soup cans, boots, ipods, sunglasses, etc. usually "Popualr" items.

Where do iPods come from?

Ipods are produced by Apple. The parts come from many companies around the world. Foxconn is a major iPod manufaturing company in China.Some sad news is that one of the main directing managers at apple has cancer, this shows materialism isn't everyhting, but ipods are extremly popular and enjoyed by many all over the world

Do you like iPods or mp3 players?


Who made the iPods?

Apple makes iPods.

What do you call a group of iPods?

a pod of ipods

Can iPods get you sick?

ipods getting you sick,is to me,impossible.

What the iPods replaces?

the ipods replace mostly MP3s

Who listens to iPods?

a lot of people listen to ipods

Are there iPods in Portugal?

Of course there are. Lots of people have Ipods.

What devices were the predecessors of MP3 players and iPods?


Can MP3 players win iPods?

No. iPods can win MP3 players but MP3 players cannot win iPods.

What colors are iPods?

ipods come in all different colours

What do Irish people call iPods?

They also call them iPods.

What percent of kids have iPods?

almost all kids have ipods

Do iPods help PE teachers?

it gives them new ipods

What type of places have iPods?

apple is a type of place that has Ipods

Why do people have iPods?

Many people around the world have ipods and buy ipods because it's the best music player around.

How come MP3 players better than iPods?

That's not true. MP3 players are not better than iPods. iPods are better.

How many apple iPods are there?

There are 6 apple ipods right now