Where are ligers born?

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Are ligers vegetarians?

No, ligers are carnivores, meaning they eat meat. Ligers are not naturally occurring in the world and the only ligers in existence were born in captivity.

When was Robert Ligers born?

Robert Ligers was born on March 3, 1931, in Gulbene, Latvia.

Can ligers be born in the wild?

No. Ligers are born in captivity only when tigers and lions mate. They are very rare

Do ligers eat other ligers?

yes ligers do

Where can ligers be found?

Ligers can only be found in captivity. There are no wild ligers. Ligers are a completely man made species and all ligers are sterile, meaning that they cannot reproduce.

Where were the first ti-ligers born at?

in the south pole

Who are predators to ligers?

Ligers don't have predators, but people can somtimes kill ligers, and leopards sometimes get into fights with ligers, and can sometimes end up killing the ligers for their food that they were fighting for. But sometimes ligers can win and the leopards will die.

How do ligers act?

ligers act

How is a liger born?

Ligers and Tigons are born through the accidental mating of a lion and a tiger.

How do ligers get their food?

Ligers are an artificial hybrid created by human intervention. As such there are no ligers in the wild, only in zoos and similar. Ligers get their food from their keepers.

What do ligers eat in the wild?

There are no wild ligers.

Where were ligers discovered?

Ligers were not discovered, they were bred.

How do ligers roar?

yes ligers do roar

What do wild ligers eat?

There are no wild ligers.

Do Ligers mate in the wild?

No. Ligers do not exist in the wild.

How do ligers obtain shelter?

ligers live in antartica

Where do ligers life?

Ligers are mainly found in zoos.

What is the ligers niche?

The role for the ligers is to eat eyeballs and regertutate them

Do ligers eat leaves?

No. Ligers are carnivores, meat eaters.

What is a group of ligers called?

a group of ligers are called preaks..

How many Ligers are left in the world?

There are various claims about the actual population of the ligers.Some claim that there are around 10 ligers. This claim was set by Xinhua news agency recently in 2010. However, I personally don't believe this.National Geographic a very reputable in 2009 claimed that there are about 30 ligers living in the world.One of the famous news agency The Sun claimed that there are nearly 100 ligers in the world. That claim was made in 2010.Recently has given a more precise information about the actual population of the ligers. They claimed that they have actually counted by profiling 90% of the ligers.According to this website there are 30 ligers in United States of America. 20 ligers in China. 4 ligers in Germany. 4 ligers in Russia, 4 ligers in France and South Africa. South Korea had 3 and Japan had 2 ligers. This makes the actual population or numbers of ligers around 70 to 90 in numbers. This should be the actual population of the ligers.

What is a ligers scientific name?

ligers don't have scientific name yet

Why isn't there many ligers?

ligers are a hybrid animal,bred in captivity.

How many different types of ligers are there?

250000 thousand type of ligers

Are ligers cold-blooded?

No. Ligers are mammals and are therefore warmblooded.

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