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Egyptian mummies were originally entombed in the pyramids, but many of them have since been removed, and are in museums.

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What was burnd alongwith the mummies?

Mummies werent buried

Which side of the nile were Egyptian mummies buried?

The Egyptian mummies were buried on the west of the Nile River. :)

Why are mummies buried in ancient Egypt?

Mummies are buried because ancient egyptians thought there was a life after death. So they buried mummies. They thought that If they burnt they cannot live the after life.

What was the mummies buried with?

Mummies were usually buried with their prized cats servants and/or their family members and of course their treasure.

What mummies were buried in the pyramids?

No mummies were ever found in any pyramid.

Why were these tombs needed?

to buried mummies

Why were mummies buried with possessions?

They were buried with their things so they could have them in the afterlife.

Where were Egyptian mummies buried?

the mummies where originally buried below the pyramids until they found out that it was to easy to rob then they began to bury them in the valley of the kings.

Why are the mummies underground?

Mummies are under ground because they are ancient. The Egyptians also buried the mummies and by the time the dust buried it more and more. That's why archaeologists have to dig the ground to find artifacts.

What was buried with the mummies?

their wife was buried alive with them. as well as any pets.they were also buried with poo

What were mummies buried in?

a toilet full of hotdogs

Where were mummies buierd?

Mummies were buried in Tombs (tooms) with were kept in Pyramids. Hope I helped x

What were mummies buried with?

The mummies were buried with all different stuff, because the Egyptian people belive that there was an after live and what ever they were buried with would go with them to the after live. so they were buried with food,money and clothing and a lot of other stuff. like that

Why were mummies buried in tombs?

For protection against thieves.

Are mummies buried inside or beneath the pyramid?


Do mummies have funerals?

Yes by being buried in tombs.

Where were mummies buried?

they were buried on the west side of the nile because, they didn't want to think that they died they thought of it as if the sun sets in the west the mummies go down with the sun. Mummys where also buried on the west side because it was drier than the east side, which helpes keep the mummies preserved and dry.

When mummies wheir buried what whier they buried in?

It depends. If you were a pharaoh, you were buried in a very grand structure, for example, the pyramids. If you were lowly, you were buried in a hole in the ground.

Why did mummies get buried in pyramids?

in respect to keep them safe as if they were alive

What are the release dates for Chasing Mummies - 2010 Buried 1-10?

Chasing Mummies - 2010 Buried 1-10 was released on: USA: 15 September 2010

What were the mummies in ancient Egypt buried with?

they were buried with animals clothes and water they were buried with these items because so they would have a life in the afterlife.

Where are mummies found?

mummies are found all around the world. they are found deep under a pyramid but people have not found a complete mummy for years that was buried there,but they have found mummies in tomb

What does mummies mean?

mummy means famous old egiption that was buried

Were mummies sometimes buried with model dolls?

Yes they are called shabti.

Why was feces buried with mummies?

I don't think it was I have never heard of this before.

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