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Where are open auditions for actors?

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In a lot of places...mostly Hollywood and NYC.

ya, but you need an agent. ;)

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Is there any open auditions for eastenders?

No, they only use professional actors.

Were there auditions for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

Yes there were some sort of auditions as new actors were in the movies. However, there didn't seem to be any open auditions.

How many years of study are required to become an actress?

None is required. There are people who have become actors and actresses without any formal training. But you must have talent. Actors and actresses get their jobs by going to auditions, where they compete with other actors and actresses for roles. Some auditions are only open to union members, but many are "open auditions" open to anyone. Most actors and actresses go to auditions regularly, and then at the same time take acting classes. They keep taking acting classes until they start getting lots of successful auditions.

When are the next open auditions for doctor who in London series 6?

They don't do open auditions.

Doctor Who Series 5 auditions?

There are no open auditions.

Will there be Katniss Everdeen auditions in Wisconsin?

There are no open auditions for Katniss. However, the open auditions for the not main tributes and the extras are in north carolina.

Are there any acting auditions for 2009 in Australia for teenagers?

If you are able to sign with a talent agency in Australia, they will send you out to acting auditions. Or you can sign up with casting agencies, if they are available, and they will inform you of upcoming auditions for actors. However, most of these auditions are only open to those with agencies.

Are the fablehaven movie auditions open?

the producer of fablehaven is supposed to be a big time producer so it isn't likely to have open auditions, sorry i am still trying to find out if this is true about not having open auditions

Are tryouts for The Lightning Thief open auditions?

They have already held auditions for The Titans Curse!

Do you know of any auditions for teenage girls in America?

It is easiest to get an agent, and they will find auditions for you. There are some cattle call auditions that are open to anyone, but many auditions are closed auditions and require you to be called to the audition.

Are there any open auditions for Harry Potter close to Madison IN?

The Harry Potter movies have now finished and there won't be anymore auditions. However, none of the auditions were ever held in the US because J.K. Rowling requested only British actors played her characters.

Where are the audtions for Breaking Dawn?

The auditions are closed and you must have an agent there are not open auditions but try for eclipse

Where and when are the auditions for The Hunger Games movie?

They only are holding private auditions currently(bummer, I'd try out, too, if they were open auditions). Private as in only actors licensed with agencies. They are filming in North Carolina and Georgia in April 2011. The movie is scheduled to come out in late 2012.

Where will the Hunger Games Audition Tour stop?

No one is sure where auditions will be. Auditions may NOT be open to the public.

When are America's Got Talent auditions?

when and where will americas got talent hold open auditions in los angeles

Where are the auditions for xfactor 2012?

well apparently it will tell you on the TV when the auditions are open or you can look at the actual site

Are there any open Disney channel auditions for children 11-13 in NY?

are there any open Disney channel auditions for 11-13 in Toronto

Open acting auditions for 11 year olds?


What are the characters that still have open auditions for eclipse?


When are the auditions for x factor 2010 open?


What kid singing auditions are open for 2010?

this is 2014

How do you get Auditions for Barney?

You have to wait until they have an "open audition".

Are the auditions for new moon still open?


How did Mindless Behavior become a group?

they had open auditions

Where can you learn about real open auditions in Charlotte North Carolina without using an agent?

You can't. All "open" auditions are going to be for extras only. Get an agent and get in the game.