Pokemon Black and White

Where are rare candies in Pokemon Black and White?

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2014-03-16 12:49:24

You can find rare candies in Pokemon Black and White at the

following places:

  • route 2- HM strength
  • route 3- dowsing machine and HM surf needed.
  • route 13- Gift
  • route 16- HMyycut and strength
  • Pinwheel forest- dowsing machine
  • Lostorn Forest- HM surf and waterfall
  • Desert Resort- dowsing machine
  • Nimbasa City- Gift
  • Mistralton Cave- HM strength, TM Flash recommended
  • Chargestone Cave
  • Twist Mountain- dowsing machine
  • Icirrus City- Winter Only
  • Anville Town- Gift
  • Victory Road
  • Abundant Shrine- HM surf
  • N's Castle- In one of the rooms
  • *Route 13- Surf and dowsing machine

  • Gear Station- 48 BP each good luck

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