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In general, a bird's ears are located behind and below its eyes. Back Yard Nature has a neat post on bird ears, and a link is provided.

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Where is the brain located in sea gulls?

In their heads, like all birds

What eats sea gulls?

sharks eat sea gulls

Where do sea gulls live?

Sea gulls live over and near the sea.

Do sea gulls drink sea water?

sea gulls drink both sea water and also fresh water

What eats sea urchins?

sea gulls

Do sea lions eat sea gulls?

sea lions eat sea gulls, manatees, and walruses during the 2 weeks before winter they eat camels, and Bengal leopards.during summer they eat human.JK. but yeah they do eat sea gulls.

What is a sentence with the word gulls in it?

"hey there David, look at those sea gulls"

Why does the sea gulls like the sea?

They find their food there

What actors and actresses appeared in The Sea Gulls - 2010?

The cast of The Sea Gulls - 2010 includes: Alisha Gard as Jane

What are the release dates for Feeding Sea Gulls - 1898?

Feeding Sea Gulls - 1898 was released on: USA: March 1898

Do sea gulls eat fish?

yes, they do

Is sea gulls endangered?

No seagulls are not endangerd

What plant does gulls need?

sea oats

What bird can you see at a beach?

Sea gulls.

What is the scarab beetles predators?

Sea Gulls

What things threaten snake sea star or harm them?

Sea gulls :-)

Where do gulls live?

Sea gulls like near lakes, ocean shores, and occasionally large ponds.

Where Gulls live?

Sea gulls like near lakes, ocean shores, and occasionally large ponds.

Are gulls consumers?

sea gulls are not consumers they are scavengers because they search for their own food from: your friendly neighborhood answerman

Do sea gulls eat sea turtles?

No they only eat fish and crabs.

What eats a parrot fish?

sea gulls, penguins

Are sea gulls safe to eat?

yes, there yummy

What birds do you see at the beach a lot?

Sea gulls

What is the name of the bird that you see at the beach?

Sea gulls.

How fast are sea gulls?

25 miles an hour