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Stars are located in outer space. The sun is our closest star. Other stars are much more farther away. But, some bright lights in the sky are not always stars. They could be a passing airplane or even a space station, or a planet, or even a very far away galaxy. There are billions of stars in our galaxy, and billions of billions in the universe.

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Where are stars located in outer space?

stars are located everywhere

Where are the old and young stars of the Milky Way galaxy located?

The older stars are located towards the centre - whereas the younger stars are located at the edge within the galactic arms.

Where are the stars located on a Pokemon trainer card?

The stars are located on the top of the card on Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire.

Where are the stars in a constellation located relative to each other?

Where are the stars in a constellation located relative to each other

Where is Dancing with the Stars located?

The studio is located in Hollywood.

The group of stars that are bluer and located in the disk of galaxies?

Population I stars

Where are the oldest elliptical stars located?

they are located in the middle of the galaxy

Where are the oldest stars in the galaxy located?

The oldest stars in a galaxy are usually located towards the centre. Also known as the bulge.

Where are sea stars located?

in the ocean

Where is the barycenter located when binary stars have similar masses?

somewhere between the stars

Where is the Jolly Beach Resort located?

The Jolly Beach Resort is located in Antigua. It has a rating of 3.5 stars out of 5 stars on Trip Advisor and its hotels have a rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars on Hotels.

What are the stars located on the left side of the hr diagram like?

They are very hot stars.

Where are stars located in the universe?

Stars are scattered all across our universe but guess what? there are no stars in our solar system besides the sun!

Which of these stars is located in the Little Dipper?


Where is nuclear fusion located?

In the heart of stars.

Why is it easier to see the motions of the planets than the motions of stars?

stars are not located in our solar system

Which type of galaxy mostly consists of a collection of older red stars that are located in the center with blue and white stars located in the outer regions?

A Spiral Galaxy

Where is the red dwarf stars located on the H-R diagram?

A red dwarf is located at the bottom right of the H-R Diagram. The stars located in that region of the diagrams are small, dim, and red.

Are some stars about as small as earth is?

Yes, there are some stars as small as earth. It depends, however, on where the stars are located and how long they have been burnt out.

What is located at the center of your solar system?

younger stars

Where are the stars located in our galaxy?

All over the place.

Where are stars seen and located?

We see the stars in the sky, from our perspective of being here on the Earth. Stars are grouped into galaxies of billions of stars, and there are vast almost-empty spaces between the galaxies.

Where are pulsars located in space?

Pulsars are located every where around the universe keep in mind pulsars are neutron stars so that means they were formed by large stars that have aged and died out

What stars are located in the middle of the hertzsprung Russell diagram?

Main sequence stars. See link for more information

Where are the stars located in the universe?

every where and some of them make pictures

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