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Where are synapses located?

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Synapses are located throughout the nervous system. A synapse is a sort of 'relay station' where a message, in the form a a chemical neurotransmitter, is passed on between one neuron (nerve fibre) & the next, or between a neuron & the muscle or gland the message is aimed at.

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Which system involves a synapse?

All nerves have synapses, which are where the nerve junctions are located, so the nervous system involves synapses.

What are synapses for?

Synapses is a gap between the neurons

Where are electrical synapses found?

Electrical synapses are found in the retina.

Where are synapses located between in the brain?

Between the axon terminals and the dendrite for one, there lay the chemical synapse.

Where does synapses take place?

The synapses take place in the spinal cord

Where is a synapse located?

Synapse is located, where two neurons meet each other. One cubic cm of brain cortex have about one billion synapses, probably.

Are there synapses in peripheral nervous system?

There are synapses between each and every neuron in the entire nervous system; so yes, there are synapses in the peripheral section of the nervous system.

Which part of the neuron receives the impulse?

The dendrite of a neuron usually receives a chemical signal from another neuron, although a cell body (soma), or sometimes even an axon, of another neuron can receive the signal.Synapses which occur between an axon and a dendrite are called axodendritic synapses, while synapses between an axon and a cell body are called axosomatic synapses, and synapses between an axon and an axon are called axoaxonic synapses.

Why are synapses necessary?

because it is

What are the reactions that are having a great time leaping across synapses?

There are no reactions, the end of a nerve produces a gas that goes across the synapses and creates the electrical impulse on the other side of the synapses and continues the message!

What reactions leap across synapses?

Reactions don't leap across synapses but neurotransmitters will diffuse across the synaptic cleft.

How smoking affects synapses?

cigarattes contain nicotine and others drugs influenicing brain and neurons.there by neuron endings(synapses).

Chemical used to send messages across synapses?

The chemical used to send messages across synapses is acetylcholine or ACh.

The venom of the black widow spider causes violent muscle contractions by flooding synapses with?

It floods the synapses with Acetycholine or ACh.

What has the author U Sandbank written?

U. Sandbank has written: 'The development of synapses' -- subject(s): Nervous system, Synapses

Why do you have synapses?

I do not know nor do i want to

What make us think?


What are the connections of the brain called?


What is synapses?

Synapses is the junction between terminal part of one axon and the dendrite of the adjacent neuron .It helps in the transmission of impulses from neuron to neuron.

What neuortransmitter is released at the preganglionic synapses of the sympathetic division?

Acetycholine is released at preganglionic synapses of the SNS. Postganglionic SNS receptors respond to Norepi.

What are synapses?

Synapses are the connections between nerve cells. They transmit information from one nerve cell to the next. However, all nerve cells receive and make many synapses, so what the nerve cell actually does with the incoming signals can be quite complicated.

What is the difference between an electrical synapse and a chemical synapse?

Chemical synapses are much slower to react to stimuli. However chemical synapses transmit a signal with constant strength or even a signal that get stronger. This is called "gain." Electrical synapses are faster but have no "gain," the signal gets weaker as it travels along the synapse to other neurons. Electrical synapses are only used for applications where a reflex must be extremely fast. They are simple and allow for synchronized action. A benefit of electrical synapses is they will transmit signals in both directions. Chemical synapses have many important advantages as well. They are more complex and vary their signal strengths. Their functions are influenced by chemical outputs in the nervous system. Chemical synapses are the most common type.

How many synapses does a typical neuron have?


What is the plural of synapse?

The plural of synapse is synapses.

What part of the neurons send out messages?

The synapses.

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