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I hope you will read this. there is one under the stairs in ironman's lab , one in the beginning of atlantis somewere near the pipes before dropping into the water chamber, one behind one of the statues and fans before entering madarins lab, one in murderworld in the fun house door number 3, one more somewere in the vikings hall in the courthyard of gods. have fun with Black Panther!

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How do you get daredevil in Ultimate Alliance?

collect the daredevil action figures

How do you get black panther in marvel Ultimate Alliance?

You have to collect all five action figures found throughout the game. I've found all of Daredevil's, but only have three of BP's. If there is a quicker way, I'd love to hear it.

How do you unlock characters on Ultimate Alliance?

If you progress through the game or collect all of the collectibles. You unlock a special character. E.G: Collect all the action figures to unlock Black Panther.p.s My favorite color is pink!

How do you unlock daredevil in Ultimate Alliance for wii?

Daredevil becomes playable after locating five Daredevil action figures. The action figures are located in various places across multiple levels.

Are there cheats for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 on ds?

if you have the action replay it could show it if it does not show there are no cheats

Is there a Marvel Ultimate Alliance movie?

No, a live-action theatrical release based around Marvel Ultimate Alliance is not currently planned. The big superhero team movie is The Avengers; it is highly unlikely that Marvel would budget a movie containing so many characters; it would be challenging to do. /upcoming-marvel-movie-release-schedule-updated/ no there will not be a movie a this game marvel ultimate alliance

What are loose action figures?

Loose action figures are action figures that are out fo their box and are wrestlers might of or might not of been played with.

What are some good action figures?

There are many action figures such as Action Man and GI Joe, as well as the more specialized figures from television shows and movies such as Star Wars action figures or Spiderman.

Are there Resident Evil 5 action figures?

yes there is action figures in RE5

Cole has 4 bags of 10 action figures and Owen has 6 bags of 8 action figures Who has more action figures Cole or Owen?

Ok, so cole has 4 bags each containing 10 action figures, so 4x10 is 40. Cole has 40 action figures. Owen has 6 bags each containing 8 action figures, and 8x6 is 48, therefore Owen has more action figures. Hope this helps!

why is a panther called a panther?

The word comes from the German and means "action". They are cats and can respond quickly.

Are halo reach action figures the same size as Halo 3 action figures?

no most halo reach figures are smaller

Are there any Spyro action figures?

Unless you consider happy meal toys action figures, no.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 action replay codes?

i need naruto ultimate ninja 3 action replay i need naruto ultimate ninja 3 action replay

Where can one purchase McFarlane Sports action figures?

There are many companies and websites that offer McFarlane sports action figures. Some of the companies that offer the action figures are Wayfair and eBay.

Who was the first one to make action figures?

The first company's to make action figures were Hasbro and Kenner.

Will there be new Star Wars action figures?

Yes they come out with new star wars action figures.

How much are Justice League action figures?

Justice League action figures are between the prices of $10-$20. They can come cheaper if you find the right dealer or a used action figure. Action figures are for kids that love their cartoons.

Where do you buy a WWE action figures weapon pack?

You can find WWE action figures weapon pack at

Are 3 inch action figures better than 5 inch action figures?

i prefer 12 inch

Are WWE wrestlers dolls or action figers?

They are action figures

Who invented he man action figures?

Roger Sweet invented the He-Man action figures which were sold by the toy company Mattel.

Where are the 5 daredevil action figures in marvel Ultimate Alliance?

just look around and you will find them but if you can't find them i know a cheat you can use go were you change your team and when your there press LEFT,LEFT,RIGHT,RIGHT,UP,DOWN,UP,DOWN,START, and he will be on the left side but if he won't go there and it starts the game go back and try again

What is ultimate end of thinking?


What are the most popular transformer action figures?

The most popular transformer action figures are Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. This is largely due to the exposure that these figures have received in the movie franchise.

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