Where are the Deck shoes in Imagine Fashion Designer NY?

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The deck shoes are the sneakers in the closet. Choose the blue ones.
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What do you do for the Imagine Fashion Designer Blue Challenge?

do adriana, blue hair, pink lipstick, blue eyes, light blue sandal things, medium silver necklace with silver gem with blue stone in for the outside, and large blue gem in the middle. Do the first shirt and cut it to a normal t-shirt for the design then do a kind of dark blue color and add the aqua ( Full Answer )

How do you solve the goth challenge on imagine fashion designer?

You use black undies the littlest ones mowhawk thing black make-up but i don't know how to do jewelry sorry!!! Sounds sexy. Black thong. ----------------------------------- IMPROVED ANSWER OUT FIT: MAKE A LONG SLEVE SHIRT ALL BLACK FIND SKINNY JEANS ALL BLACK SHOES-BLACK ( Full Answer )

Help with imagine fashion designer PC?

How do I get past the part were I have to distract Nelson Sullivan so Clara can get a phone number?. You look at the table in Mr. Sullivan's office. There is an envelope on it. Have Marty grab the envolope and run to the elevator. Go to the basement and run out the front doors. There Mr. Sullivan w ( Full Answer )

Need help imagine fashion designer Japanese phooto shoot?

first you pick Lucy for a model then you dress her in the kimono. for her makeup yo do her eyes and lips red and blush needs to be red when you do her photo shoot you use the rising sun and that's the challenge done

What is imagine fashion designer Red Autumn design?

use red for the top and redish-brown for the pants. for the boots use the light brown ankle boots.. i'm pretty sure that's what i did. sorry if it doesn't work. i passed it a while ago.

Help on Imagine fashion designer PC lipstick quest?

Well the first one is in the dogs mouth outside on the balcony. You have to swap it with a ball that is near Mr. Sullivan's office Then, in the coffee room, there's one in Kim's bag. DON'T tell her about it, or she'll get mad. The next one is in the photography workshop, and the model has it. ( Full Answer )

How do you beat the blue level on Imagine Fashion Designer?

I just beat it, here are some tips: Model: Andriana Lips: blue lashes: blue cheeks: if you push the right arrow button, it is the 6th one. with the dots under eyes eyes: blue eye shadow: if you see one that is orange, push the right arrow once. If that makes sense. hair: same hair style, but turn i ( Full Answer )

Help with imagine fashion designer - where are the 5 eclat ardont lipstics?

I need help too, but i have found 3 of them. One of them is by going out to the balcony and shooing the dog inside, where you then take the dog toy on the counter and trade it for one of the samples. The next one is in Kim's bag on a stool by the counter, but if you decide not to tell her, which ( Full Answer )

How do you beat the snowboard presentation on Imagine Fashion Designer?

You beat the Snowboard presentation by choosing Adriana as the model. For the make up leave the eyes the same don't move the box. If the lipstick box isn't a PINK in the middle then just keep going and the next it should be pink. Then find the purple it is most likely in between the pink and the bla ( Full Answer )

How do you get past the part where you have to find the dog in the imagine fashion designer on PC?

Marty the dog is in the common room. You have to give him the dog toy (its a green ball that can be found in one of thecorridors. After that, walk out of the common room. He will follow you (NOTE : DO NOT SE THE MAP). Then go to the lift, and to the 20th floor. Again, Marty will follow you. Go into ( Full Answer )

In imagine fashion designers where is the last garment?

there is a vent in the common room and you have to find the screwdriver that is also in the common room you take the screwdriver out of your inventory and use it on the vent and there is the last garment.

How can Clara get into the laboratory in Imagine Fashion Designer PC?

what you do is get the stapler from nelson's office. then call Steve Anderson and get the cellotape off of either nelson's or Scott's desk. then put them together and get kim's fingerprint. go to the basement and put it on the recognition system. then call Scott and you are him. go to his dad's offi ( Full Answer )

How do you get Sophia gondry's number on imagine fashion designer PC?

1. You go to Scott's office and speak to him, he will tell you thatMr. Nelson has it on his computer. 2. To get the passcode, you talk to marty and once you're incontrol of him, go to the common room and look under a bush for histag (then give it to Clara). 3. With it you can go on Mr. Nelson's comp ( Full Answer )

Imagine fashion designer new york how do you get passed the 70s outfit?

OK first don't select the top the first one you see its the blouse the bottom one then when you select it make it a baby blue and put the pattern with the blue flowers and when u pick the blouse you use the first one that shows up and for the pants make it yellow and use the white squares patter ( Full Answer )

Which is better imagine fashion designer or high fashion?

High fashion.... Because high fashion is more citied it's look at as the king of fashion. A fashion designer is also a very high rank but just a princess or jack, because in designing clothing it can be youth or men's wear or swim wear or resort wear. Since there are so many different types it's not ( Full Answer )