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Hunter Arms Company, Fulton, New York

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Q: Where are the LC Smith 410 double barrel shotgun manufactured?
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What is the value of a Marlin S double barrel breakdown shotgun made in the 1800s?

Marlin's first shotgun was a pump action, made in 1898. Marlin never made a double barrel shotgun in their entire history. However, Marlin did own the LC Smith shotgun company after it went bankrupt in 1945. That made them technically a "Marlin" product. If your gun is a 1800's double barrel, it is not a Marlin. Marlin did make the Model 90 over/under, but it was not in the 1800's. Please list ALL markings on the shotgun so we can properly identify it.

How do you change he barrel on a Stevens 58 shotgun?

Best left to a gun smith.

Smith and Wesson model 1000 shotgun but how do you know the gauge of the gun?

It will be marked on the barrel

Did Smith Wesson make a double barrel hammered shotgun?

Wesson Fire Arms did. Values can range from 500-10000 USD dependig on EXACTLY what you have and how it is marked along with condition.

What date was smith and Wesson 861885 manufactured what is the model?

model stamped inside cylinder housing near barrel.

I own a very old LC Smith 30 inch long double barrel shotgun with double triggers and double hammers Can anyone tell me anything about this gun?

Yes. Go to . There is more info there than you could possibly ever remember.

How to create a double barrel surname?

A double barrelled surname is created by inserting a hyphen between two names e.g. Martin and Smith becomes Martin-Smith.

What is the value of a LC Smith double barrel shotgun?

To figure out the actual value of a LC Smith shotgun (Elsie) you need to gather as much information about the gun your either selling or looking to buy. Aside from the different gauges you have to consider barrel length, single or double trigger, grade and so on. LC Smith shotguns were originally built by LC Smith but later sold to Hunter Arms and finally Marlin. Gather all the above informaiton you can about your gun and start searching the internet action sites like "Gunsamerica", Gunbroker, GunsAmerica and so on. Look at some of the ones on there and compair them to yours and that should put you pretty darn close.

What is the value of a smith and Wesson model 64 2 inch barrel handgun manufactured in 1970?

100-400 USD

What is fair pricing for an LC Smith 12 gauge excellent condition?

double barrel

How do you change firing pins on 311 Stevens double barrel?

go to gun smith

What is a 20 gauge L C Smith hammerless double barrel shotgun with patent May 23 1901 worth?

I have been looking for the same answer I found one with a broken stock in my grandfathers attick, did you ever figure it out?

How do you know the choke on a laurona side by side shotgun?

Should be stamped on the barrel, if not, you should take it to a competant gun smith to have it checked

What is a Smith and Wesson shotgun?

A shotgun made for Smith and Wesson, sold under the Smith and Wesson name.

How do you tell the gauge of a LC Smith 30 inch dbl barrel dbl trigger shotgun?

It should be marked on the barrels near the breach.

How much is a l c smith double barrel shotgun worth in goo condition?

It depends on the grade they made many different grades. Look on the inside of breach or bottom of barell and it will be stamped with a letter such as F (field) grade etc erc

What is the value of excellent condition LC Smith 410 double barrel?

From 4000 to 7000 depending on condition. Nothing under 3500

What is the value of a lc smith double barrel 12 gauge?

That all depends on the shotguns overall condition,and bore condition also.

Where can you get a barrel for your Smith and Wesson model 1000 barrel?


Who made the shot gun lc smith?

Go to Scroll onto shotguns, click on history. From 1888 to 1945 the Hunter Arms Company manufactured the LC Smith shotgun. In 1945, Marlin bought Hunter and made the LC Smith until 1951. And again from 1968 until 1973.

When was smith and Wesson model 29-2 serial number N498617 manufactured?

The model 29-2 started production in 1961, thought the barrel length was reduced from 6.5" to 6" in 1979. Based on the serial number, yours was manufactured between 1977-1978.

Smith and Wesson pump shotgun 1938 value?

Can't be answered without a DETAILED description of ALL markings, barrel length, finish, grips, sights, box, accessories, papers, condition.

What is a smith and Wesson model 1000?

A shotgun.

Does smith and Wesson make a shotgun now?


Where are smith and Wesson firearems manufactured?


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