Where are the Spark Plugs on a 1999 Chrysler Concorde How do you replace them?

Most auto stores will check engine codes at no cost to determine which spark plugs need replaced. (Possibly Indicated By a "Cylinder Number # Misfire" Code being Returned.) On my wife's '99 Concorde I reasearched and was told the #1 plug is the farthest forward on the passenger side.

Odd numbers run toward the firewall. (1/3/5 on pass side, 2/4/6 on Drivers Side with #2 being the farthest forward.) The plugs are easy to find, and not bad to remove. Without removing any covers, brackets or supports, you will see 6 ignition coils (one per plug) on top of the engine.

1) Unclip the slide connector that connects the two wires to the coil.

2) Use a T20 (Size) torx bit to remove the two screws that fasten the coil to the block.

3) Lift the coil straight upwards. The spark plug boot, (which you would normally find attached to end end of the plug wire) is attached to the bottom of the coil and will lift off the plug.

4) Using a high pressure compressor, blow out the hole to ensure that when you remove the plug that no debris fall into the block

5) Using a Socket ratchet & long extension fitted with a spark plug socket, loosen and remove the plug. (The socket must be fitted with a gasket to grip the plug, other wise use a piece of tape