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the 97 vortec 350 engine is not timed like a regular vehicle. The timing has to be checked using the computer. You need to pull a engine data screen on a hand held computer. With the scanner plugged in and vehicle running, check the cam retard degrees. It needs to be at 0 degrees, plus or minus 2. You can move it like a regular gm distributor, but it only has room for about 15 degrees of adjustment either way. If the timing is off, the check engine light will be on with a code for cam and crank sync problem. This dist. hold down bolt is on the passenger side.

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Q: Where are the Timing Specs located on a 1997 Chevy Suburban?
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The timing is electronic controlled. You MUST have an OBDII engine scanner to set the timing to specs. Timing light will not work.

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You can not use a timing light to set the timing on that year engine. The ignition timing is COMPUTER CONTROLLED. If you have not fooled with the distributor then there is no reason to adjust it. But if you have bother it then you will need an oBDII engine scanner to put the timing back to factory specs.

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