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Looking through my data all 2.0 Hyundai's appear to have the timing marks adjacent to the front pulley the timing is ECU controlled and not manually adjustable I hope this helps a little Best wishes Mike

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โˆ™ 2008-05-03 20:24:16
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Q: Where are the Timing marks for a 2.0 1998 Hyundai?
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Can someone tell you where the timing marks are located on a 2002 20 Mazda protege engine?

align the cams to the E & I marks on cam. You will see notches right beside them. Align the crank with key way up.

What are the timing marks on a 1995 240sx?

There are 6 marks on the crank pulley, the first red line is 5°ATDC then white TDC then 5° BTDC and so on ending with the yellow 20°. (should be set to 20° BTDC.) These should be viewed from the drivers side of the car; align the marks with the pin protruding from the front cover.

How long does it take to change a Mitsubishi eclipse timing belt?

It will take you approximately 6 hours, if you keep the timing marks in place. Also, consider replacing water pump at same time, it takes about 20 minutes longer to do it as you replace the timing belt.

How do you align the cams and crank on 1997 Kia Sportage 20 4 wheel drive?

there are marks on the timing cover that remains attached to the block and there are arrows on the cams. there is a pointer down by gear on crank and a dimple on gear align these marks

What marks do you use to time a ga15 Nissan motor?

looking at the timing marks from the top left to right you have 5 degrees after top dead center, then top dead center then 5 degres 10, 15 then 20 befor top dead center. the timing is 7 degrees before top dead center

When setting the timing on a 1998 ford escort 20 dohc how do you know if you have one of your cams 180deg off there is no timing marks and you know you use the straight bar to hold them in place?

It is impossible to get the cam 180 out if you use the right tool. The grooves are offset in the cams, so that it will be impossible to install the tool if the cam is 180 out, because the groove will be below the deck surface if it is not in the correct position.

How do you set the timing on your 85 rx7?

With a timing light of course. Your crank pully should have 2 marks on it, the first mark is for the leading plugs and is 5 degrees AFTER top dead center (atdc) and the second mark is for trailing and is 20 degrees AFTER top dead center (atdc). Your 85 should have vacuum advance on your distributer, be sure to unplug the vacuum line and cap it off while stetting your timing. Trust me when I say, use only your timing marks, playing with your timing on rotaries causes all sorts of problems

What are the timing marks for 1995 Suzuki sidekick?

CAM or Spark? the cam has cogs, they are marked. the disty is not marked, (like all disty) but needs IGnition strobe light ($20 at HF)

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Timing marks 2.6 Mitsubishi magna?

on the cranck shaft there is TDC,10 and 20 degree and on the camshafts there are lines on the cam pullioes and the valves cover ( on the valve covers traingular cut is the mark )

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