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on my Saturn the tensioner was below ac compressor closer to center of engine you put wrench on bolt in center and turn clockwise and will move to loosen tension and will have to hold it there will removing or installing belt

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โˆ™ 2011-09-14 10:48:41
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Q: Where are the belt tension releases on a Saturn?
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How do you change the belt on your 1996 Saturn SC2?

Rotate the drivebelt tensioner to release the tension on the belt and remove.

How do tighten serpentine belt 97 Saturn SC2?

You don't tighten a serpentine belt. The tension is controlled by a tensioner. If it is loose, then the belt has stretched and needs replacing.

How do you adjust the belt tension on a 1995 Saturn sc2?

It has a spring loaded tensioner. No adjustment is possible as the tensioner constantly adjusts tension. If tension is incorrect, the tensioner must be replaced.

How do you raise up the serpentine belt tensioner on a 1998 Saturn?

the tensionjer is a spring tensioner so if it is to low and not holding tension on the belt you need a new tensioner

How do you remove the the bracket and pulley assembly that is the water pump's belt tensioner on an 89 topaz?

You will be able to remove this from under the car. You have to slack the belt first, there is a long adjustable bolt that releases the tension on the belt.

Have a high pitch squeal coming from the engine belt in a 96 Saturn sl2 regardless if its running or idling hot or cold?

You may need to adjust the tension on the belt.

How do you pully releaves the tension on a 2001 Pontiac sunfire to put on the belt?

Give the belt a couple of quick, short tugs to relieve the tension. The belt is most likely jammed. Then if it releases, pull it out slowly. If you pull the belt out too fast, it will often lock up. My mistake, I thought seat belt. The pulley that doesn't connect to anything like the crank or alternator is the tension pulley. It is spring loaded. Some have a place for a ratchet to go or you pry against the housing or the pulley itself as long as you don't pinch the belt. Relieve the tension and slip the belt off of another pulley and release the tension.

Is Saturn in the asteroid belt?

No. Saturn is beyond the asteroid belt.

How do you tighten the serpentine belt on a 1995 Nissan Sentra?

you don't tighten a serpentine belt the tension is supplied by a tension pulley if belt is loose, it is time to replace belt or tension pully if tension pully needs repplacing belt will be worn anyway

What is the correct tension for a new serpentine belt on a ford escort zx2 1998?

The correct belt tension will be maintained by the belt tensioner. The tension is not adjustable on this car.

What could cause a whistling noise during left turns on a Saturn LS1?

check the power steering fluid level and belt tension.

Is Saturn inside or outside of the asteroied belt?

saturn is outside the asteroid belt

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