Where are the best places to go during the different seasons throughout the year?

  • For the winter Aviemore in Scotland. It's great for skiing and things similar to that.
  • In the summer, a good place to go is Jasper, Alberta. There are so many things to do such as taking boat tours, seeing the ice fields, gondola rides etc.
  • Oregon is amazing in late spring/early summer. Beautiful weather, not overcrowded and amazing sights. Recommendations go to visit the Yachats area, Ecola State Park near Cannon Beach and the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area near Portland.
  • Asia:they have this nice tropical climate that is very lovely throughout the year. My personal favorite is Malaysia. Aside from the climate, what I like about Malaysia, is its richness in culture. Their races, when we were there last, have Malay, Chinese, Hindu, Western, and Muslim segments that coexist peacefully. It's like being in five different countries. This September we'll be having Ramadan buffets, and partake of the Hari Raya celebrations.