Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

Where are the elite four in Pokemon diamond?



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You must go to Sunnyshore City,then head north and talk to a girl there.(She will give you the HM Waterfall)

Then surf all the way to the end.

Now you should see a waterfall,use your HM move that the girl gived to you.

(You should also see a cave,that leads to Victory Road)

Now take a break,come-on you deserve it.(Pokecenter)

Now is the time to enter Victory Road!(I cant write where to go because I havent

played nor have I entered Victory Road in a long,long time)

When you come out of the BIG cave you should see a waterfall.(again)

Use Waterfall and you are going to see a HUGE building.

That is the Pokemon Pearl,Diamond and Platinum League!

Now enter the league,DONT rush because you MUST heal!

Dont go straight forward but go to the left.(If you run straight your rival will come and battle you,you should heal first!)

Then battle your rival and hopefully win.(You MUST have ALL the badges before you talk to the guy there!Yes,I know that it sounds wierd,but the first time I played that game I walked to the guy and I did have 7 badges,I could not enter,then I realized I dindt have Fly!Then I had to surf all the way back past Victory road and to the gym badge I missed.)

Then when you talk to the guy you can finally enter The Elite Four!(And the champion)