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Where are the everyday uses of neutralisation?

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if you get stung by a bee you put an alkali on it eg bicarbonate of soda

and when you get stung by a wasp put vinigar on.

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What are the uses of neutralisation?

neutralisation is the process of making a substance neutral

Everyday examples of neutralisation?

Tooth paste

How is neutralisation useful?

because it helps us in our everyday life :D

What Neutralisation can do in everyday life?

Basically neutralisation meansi t is a reaction between an acid and a baseto give neutral product i.e. neither acidic or basic is called neutralisation reaction. There are manny applications of neutralisation reactions. they are: In human beings agriculture soap industry textile industry food industry

Give Two examples of neutralisation reactions in everyday life?

Brushing your teeth Wasp Sting

How useful is neutralisation in everyday life?

You can use base toothpaste to brush your teeth as your teeth contain an acid which means when you are cleaning your teeth the base of the toothpaste mixes with the acid of your teeth equalling a neutralisation.

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What is an Everyday example of a neutralisation reaction?

wasp stings, tooth paste,soil and washing up liquid too

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What are examples of common everyday use of neutralisation reactions?

stomach acid and indigestion tablets acidic soil and fertilisers stinging nettles and dock leaves

Formula for a neutralisation reaction?

neutralisation reaction: n=vm2 + charlotte

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How do people encounter californium in their everyday lives?

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What are some examples of neutralisation?

some egsamples of neutralisation is........... =====...... hey im jade

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What is the equation for a neutralisation reaction?

The equation for a neutralisation reaction is acid+alkali=neutral this is the correct answer hoped I helped you :)

How is the neutralisation reaction of ammonia and nitric acid different from most neutralisation reactions?

Because it doesnt have water

What are everyday uses for mineral acids?

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