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Where are the fuse panels located on the Contour - Mystique?


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2009-04-14 17:34:20

Under the dash between the steering column, and left kick panel. ---- Its definitely not under the dash, i have same car, its under the hood, to the right on the bottom, a little black box. ---- Both are right!

One location is in a 'power distribution' box next to the battery under the hood.

The other is up under the dash on the drivers side. The box is under the steering column but it is hard to find because its folded up. Opening / accessing the fuse box

* Get down on the floor with the car off but the key in the ignition - you should hear the dinging - the noise maker is mounted to the bottom of the fuse box. As you look up put your hand on the right side of the box and there is a black switch/ button you have to push to release the box. Or...

* There's a release button on the side of the panel to drop it down for easier access. Pull knob down toward floor while pulling down on box. (Caution wear gloves i got cut bad.) Or another way to say it...

* Under the dash near the steering column. You will see a box with wires running in and out of it, this is the fuse panel. There is a pull tab next to it, pull it and the fuse panel will drop down. Push the panel back up when done, it will click into place. And one more way to describe it...

* The fuse box is located under the steering wheel. There is a black button you have to push towards the right side of the car that opens it up. It looks like it's a part of the car, it blends in. When you are finished with it just push it up and it will click into place.

The Owners Manuals have detailed illustrations and information regarding the two fuse box / panels, and the various vehicle systems each fuse protects. See "Related Questions" below for links to free, online sources of Owners Manuals. drivers side under hood and also under drivers side dash by feet puch up switch and it pops down


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