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Where are the fuses and or relays for the cigarette lighter receptacles in a 1998 Toyota 4Runner?


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2004-12-06 06:16:51
2004-12-06 06:16:51

It is located with the rest of the fuses under the dash between the steering column, and the left kick panel. The fuse cover will be marked with fuse identification.


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To remove a cigarette lighter from a Toyota 4Runner, pull the lighter straight towards you. Pull gently until it becomes free.

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underneath the driverside left knee.behind a small accessory panel

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there is no fuse there is a fuseable link inside the lighter plug

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If the cigarette lighter is not working and the ACC fuse, inside the car, left of steering wheel, is still good (radio is working), the "fuse" on the back side of the cigarette lighter socket, a brown wire, has blown. Socket needs to be replaced or fixed with a soldering iron and a new wire.

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A 1991 Toyota 4runner is bigger than a 1990 4runner

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